The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

He ended up as 752/834/1512.

So not as much health as some of the latest heroes, but he can survive.


Hmm. So mine (4^75) has an attack of 730 and does 298 over two turns, and yours has an attack of 752 and does 308 over two turns. Assuming a linear increase, I should be able to dust off some algebra skills and predict his max DoT, but that looks like a pretty flat slope to me. A project for my lunch break. Yay, math. Thanks, @Quinn3 .


I think I went attack with JF, don’t have him LB ( those went to Anzogh) will post s/s when get to device


Hi @Noble_Weasel. Went attack on JF and considering him for LB. He’s just fun when his burn gets off so fast. His stats:

His talent grid:

Does your JF look similar @Kilted?

He’s part of my mono red team. Between Noor’s sparrows and JF’s burn, enemy team dies fast. Even faster if Wilbur’s up.

His max burn is 344 over two turns. Attack goes up 4% or 29 points on the last node.


I would say Danzaburo wouldn’t be that bad if he hadn’t a skill that can pump up mana (for everyone) or blocks mana gain (for him).
It feels like it has been designed get to snowflakes quicker…

Happy cake day @Muchacho !


OK, here goes. Somebody check my math if it’s off.

Assuming a linear relationship between JF’s attack and DoT, we should be able to model the relationship using an equation in slope-intercept form: y = mx + b, where x is the attack stat, y is the total DoT, m is the slope of the line, and b is the y-intercept.

First, find the slope. Slope is “rise over run”, and we can find it using the two points we have. My current instance of JF has an attack of 730 and a DoT of 298. @Quinn3 has one with attack of 752 and DoT of 308. So the slope of the line in our model is (308 - 298) / (752 - 730) = 10 / 22 = 5 / 11.

Now to find the y-intercept using one data point and the slope in the equation y = mx + b. Let’s use my current JF’s stats.

298 = (5/11) * 730 + b
298 = 331.82 + b
b = -33.82

Now, we can use the model y = (5/11)x - 33.82 to approximate the DoT for any attack value.

According to his release thread, at 4^80, JF has 737 attack and 302 DoT. Let’s check that with our model.

y = (5/11) * 737 - 33.82
y = 301.18

Close, but not exact. Could be a sign that the relationship isn’t linear, but for the sake of argument, let’s keep going. Using, I determined that JF +20 has a maximum attack value of 871. How much DoT is that?

y = (5/11) * 871 - 33.82
y = 362.09

So, at +20, JF’s burn would be 362 over two turns, or 181 per turn. Not really a huge increase over a base of 302 over two turns (151 per turn).

Then, I went to @Bukefal 's excellent database of 5* LB heroes, where I found this:

I’m assuming this was emblemed on the attack path, since 930 attack is pretty dang high. So let’s assume this is a max attack JF. He registers in at 380 DoT over two turns. So truthfully, this picture alone would have answered my question! But how accurate was the linear model?

y = (5/11) * 930 - 33.82
y = 388.9

At 930 attack, the model predicts DoT that is almost 9 points higher than observed. So while I could have gotten my ultimate answer from the screenshot above, we have learned that the relationship between JF’s attack and his DoT doesn’t appear to be linear. It’s actually worse than linear, which is discouraging.

All that said, if we assume 930 attack / 380 DoT is the max, I’ve got to conclude that it isn’t worth 1500 emblems and some ultra rare aethers to get an extra 78 damage spread over 2 turns (39 damage per turn). The tile damage could be pretty nice though, I guess.

This mildly interesting (to me, anyway) mathematical exercise brought to you by the letter J, the number 302, and my high school algebra teacher. :crazy_face:


i haven’t checked your math, but there’s a thread with a direct calculation for DoT thanks to the great Zack, who was also working on the generic damage calculation with u2371:


You posted while I was typing my math lesson, @akionna. Let’s see how your numbers jive in the model I was using.

y = (5/11) * 842 - 33.82
y = 348.9

So again, the model has already started to break down here.

Thanks for the info. The amount of information on this board that can be used is amazing!


Took a look now. I went everywhere with shield on emblems so some got sword some got health but defence wise he got as much as could.

As far as his DoT goes with my lvl 19 mana troop he tops out at 197/turn


FWIW, under my build and level 23 mana troop, his attack comes to 932, with a 382 burn/2 turns.


@Noble_Weasel … I enjoyed your math lesson! It is sad that it’s not even a linear progression. Worse, as you said.

Before you let all logic kick in, put JF on your team and go for it. See if you enjoy his play.

You can always reset his emblems, if need be.

I rarely get fast heroes, and someone that hits all? Almost never. JF was the soul exchange the kid asked for. And he was right. The burn over time is great.

Regardless, have fun with JF and make your decision then.


Ultimately, this is probably my plan. He looks so much better than most of my red roster. I only have 200-some-odd emblems for him at present, so I’ll have some time to play around while he’s usable, but not maxed.

Of course he was! I love your kid, and I’ve never even met him.


Just catching up…

That JF looks so amazing - He´s a hero I reeeeaaaally want - congratulations on maxing him :heart_eyes:


Happy anniversary indeed @Muchacho, thank you for enriching this forum and virtual world that we share :gift_heart: :hugs: :partying_face: :birthday: :ribbon:


Adding in to the details about 5*s from different seasons etc

S4 - Nemo sitting at 3/70, really tried to like him and find a use but couldn’t. He sits as so many others I’d ascend before him
S3 - Tyr (x2) + Baldur definitely a colour scheme…
S2 - Poseidon x2 both gained when he was featured inside 5 saved pulls
S1 - have never had a Joon, Leonidas, Lianna or Mariana.

Event - Nearly all older. Gazelle, Red Hood, Rumplestiltskin, LotL and Guan Yu from WoTK

HoTM - I have had massive luck for heroes of the month, way above what I should have based on my normal pull rate, a lot of the older ones are from main lockdown where couldn’t use disposable income on going out so used to get the cheap 30 summon deal in ToL. ( I guess the DI is the one good part of never being able to have kids as don’t have the guilty feeling when spent on game) easier to add a screenshot for this.


You got two Poseidons in five pulls but have never pulled a Joon in your life? That’s a serious statistical anomaly right there!


^ also an indication that the pull rates / odds in this game are SOOO out of whack. lol

re JF, if you put him on defense I would consider full defense/health path, but if you’re gonna use him on offense I’d be picking up more swords :slight_smile:


Musings on the seasons… the pull rates for a 5* are ridiculous aren’t they?

but as I’ve always said, the low rates do make any bit of good luck more memorable.


  • 5* - Inari, Ursena (from HA10). so even after all the pulls, only a single 5* from the portal… well, not quite, I also did get Aeron and Gregorion when they were re-featured. so technically, three 5*, not counting Ursena from HA10

  • 4* - missing Ameonna, Wilbur (sigh).


  • 5* - Bera, though I am very pleased indeed with her
  • 4* - missing 5/10 (missing ones are Gullinbursti, Almur, Stonecleave, Jott, Sumle)
  • 3* - missing Grevle, though at least I finally have a 3* health booster in new S5 Faiez - my only health booster in fact!


  • 5 - none, despite finishing the season. not confident I ever will get one, I do not think I will prioritize summoning there
  • 4 - have all except Griffin, whom I could really use to get a 4* Yellow sniper. Well, Jackal is a bit of a sniper but… Griffin hits harder

S5, I have gotten two of the 3* so far (Jarif, Faiez).

ah well, let’s see how things go. I have been treating this game more and more just as a way to pass the time anyway.

In other news, had tons of fun with this team for war - denial of mana lol


I like your list @Gimliv and hope you don’t mind me borrowing it.


My 5* from S2-S5:

~ I am yet to complete S4 so I still have coins to obtain from unfinished levels.

My 4* from S2-S5:

Ghost Girl :wink:
Proteus x2
Wilbur x2
~ I’m missing C-Gadeirus and the other S2 4* costumes
~ Many of the above were obtained from farmed AR coins (including Ghost Girl, Proteus #2, and Sumitomo)

Gullin x2
~ I’m missing Bryn, Jott, Mireweave, and Shadereave
~ I got Almur from the single S3 coins deal I’ve bought (300 Valhalla coins in first slot of Goblin Balloon :scream_cat:)

Griffin x2
Tettukh x2
Zila Lei
~ I’m missing Mack, Rokkamush
~ I did a 10x pull when S4 arrived


Yup, streaky as all get up. Forgot to mention I’ve never had a horghall either