The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Made the sad decision today to pull the emblems off Buddy. With Marcel LB +20 for def down in green (and Sylvaria waiting in the wings), Seshat just needed them more. Loved my little elf guy, but he’s probably going to be relegated to the bench for the foreseeable future, as I really need ranger emblems in a lot of places. Timing was right, also, as I can use AR to rebuild the food and iron needed to boost Seshat from +11 to +18.

Also, ICYMI, devs mentioned a new Solstice Summon in the v. 48 update. Sound suspiciously like a Black Friday portal redux. If so, RIP to my 5400 gems and my Google Credit. I’ll likely dump every gem I can find into a portal with no S1s in it. Plus, that would free me up to do my remaining S4 summons in the second window this month. That would give me a decent chance to land both the May and June HotMs. So possibly some nice, new heroes heading to Casa del Weasel in the next month and a half. (Or not. RNG gonna RNG.)


That´s so cool - Congratulations! :tada:

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Oooo, Kara looks so good, congrats :heart_eyes:


Aww. I´m saving up my few pulls for next time when the new S2 5*s are featured. Because, I´m totally getting one of those.

Right? :crazy_face:


Oh, Solstice Summon? I haven´t heard! Interesting. Hope it´s good! :pray:


Details here, such as they are:

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Thank you :100: Not caught up with things today, so busy at work. I´ll dive into it :ocean: :blush:


Apparently @Noble_Weasel weasel like me like a dupe vanilla Khagan with no costume :no_mouth:. Well, that’s still better than what most people would have picked I bet! :laughing:



Thanks @Gimliv. I come across him in Diamond too.

Thanks @Saros. I don’t really understand his mechanics. I think he heals … then purple tiles blink for some reason …

Why don’t you need six bears? I have too many Jackals and Falcons … and the kid won’t let me feed them away.

Congratulations on Kara!

Ha, thanks @sleepyhead. You do know, I have exactly ONE gem left?

Thanks @PlayForFun. You may borrow the kid anytime. Prepare to go bankrupt. He will use all your coins and gems.

Thanks @SamMe. I must hide my phone though. Too many unfinished projects now …

Ah @Muchacho … he loves to summon. Even if he pulls another Gill-Ra today.

How are your girls @Noble_Weasel? All the kids must have uncanny mojo.

Good decision, don’t worry. You’ll use Seshat more. My Buddy doesn’t see much action either.

Enjoy your heroes @Noble_Weasel. That’s why we play the game.

Thanks @Gwniver. The squid guy will be fun to try out.

@Noble_Weasel will like you more next week.


Black Friday was such an unbelievable bust for me. i thought, what? a portal with no S1s?!? this’ll be great!

yeah, no. the Black Friday portal was a big, giant fail, for me, anyway. i used all my saved up gems and did 10 pulls and except for one, it was all S2 and S3 dupes. the only hero i kept was Whacker. :stuck_out_tongue:


The girls are great; thanks for asking. Really enjoyed our trip to Universal/Disney. Older one is about to start middle school. ACK!

I hope they have the mojo ready, because I’m looking at about 8-9 costume pulls in May, 24 S4 pulls in May or June, and as many Solstice pulls as I can muster, assuming it’s a Black Friday portal redux. That’s a lot of chances (for FTP) to hit something big. And as usual, your kid set the bar high for them. I made my younger one happy by finally maxing the flamingo. Maybe she can repay the favor now.

Indeed. Been thinking about this lately. I’ve been worried about running out of new heroes for over a year now, and when I run out of new heroes, I’m done. It’s what keeps me here. But between HA10, Challenge Festival, BF/Solstice portal, Soul Exchange, and a few lucky draws, I’m still in not-too-bad shape. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a post about how, for all their stinginess, SGG has created more new ways than ever of getting new heroes. Could still be better, but it’s working (painfully slowly).


Ouch. Thanks for keeping my expectations in check.


The idea of the bears is to have one Taunt hero available for each of the six flags in Rush War. Since Kara also has Taunt, this means I actually could use her instead of a bear much more efficiently. That’s why I ate one of my 1/1 Shrubbears. Feels kinda bad for all the effort invested in Hero Academy 5 to start eating some of the quality 3* I received from it.

The things didn’t stop with Kara for me this time. I decided to push S2 Hard (only batttles I did was a bit of Province 1 and of course the fight with Ursena with 4* on Hard mode which I have on Youtube if anyone’s interested). End of province 6 currently and after some blanks, I got these:

Although most of you will rush to congratulate me for Ariel…that is a deep freeze project for me. I only have scopes for one 5* blue…and I already have 3 cKiril maxed, two on 20 emblems, one LB with costume. Frankly I prefer cKiril over Ariel in the vast majority of battles…you may start throwing stones now. Yeah she’s useful as a blue cleanser, and frankly I have no healer/cleanser since I don’t even have Rigard yet. I also expended all of my clerical emblems recently (White Rabbit, Mist, Anton).

Melia on the other hand looks amazing, I have two maxed, one on emblems, costume definitely looking more prominent on offense than regular form, so after I finish my fifth Jackal, she will be next before I start working on Kara. Sigh…seems like the game doesn’t want me quitting since it showers me with quality projects.

His last word of text is the most meaningful All allies get +20% mana. This is his actual strength - he’s the only hero that immediately gives mana to all party members upon activating. Of course, the healing matters as well, and least meaningful is the purple tiles manipulation.


He wanted 6 bears so there was a taunt hero on each team. He pulled Kara who is a taunt hero but better than bear.

That seems like a natural transition given you got the upgraded versions of him. I wouldn’t feel bad.

He has been running S3 hard with me given the Biome of yellow boost and lots of blue enemies. I don’t have a regular yellow D dropper. His performance is worse since his minion nerf. I rarely stack his minions anymore, that 30% HP mattered. I am still irked about that to be honest.

If I hadn’t LB’d him already I would strip him. I don’t mono that often so I have 4*+ droppers in all the other colors (4 in blue alone). His bonus was meat shield, but it doesn’t work as well. I could definitely use the emblems, but I am not sure I am ready to commit to having aethers abandoned on a rarely used hero.

I only have one reset left and it is for Zimkithia in order to max Ferant (currently 40/70).

No idea what this is.

Sorry to hear that. I did maybe 5–7 summons and no dupes. All 3’s except for Griffin, who has been great. Sounds like you are less lazy than me about season progress. I am just starting S4, so there is more opportunity for new stuff. It just increases dupe odds with season coins for me later.


Agreed. HA8 and HA10 have been great. Me ever using SE is a stretch, but all the new events with coin summons just increases opportunity which, inevitably, will pay off.

Wish they would nerf Ranvir like I requested though.

He better …



Nevermind, got it figured out



congrats on the new heroes @Saros

glad you had a nice trip @Noble_Weasel ! ah kids, they grow up so fast eh! :slight_smile:

@akionna amazing budgeting, exactly 1 gem left! maybe one day SG will be generous and allow us to buy SOMETHING with that lol :stuck_out_tongue: (like maybe… I don’t know… um… can’t think of anything…)


Congratulations, Ariel looks sooo good :partying_face:

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Congratulations again @Saros
You have amazing luck recently


Hauled some rear ends and got just slightly over enough the threshold for one pull in AR. Upgraded Melia by getting her costume.

And thus starts the goal-post move back of Season 2 by $GG…
I will now have to re-acquire Mnesseus, Ameonna, Wilbur, and Gaedirus for their costumes to “re-complete” them, the 3* door has been pried open a bit, and the 4* door had been widened (I still have not gotten Danzaburo and Triton). This is also assuming they are already done giving costumes to season 2 3* and 4* (which I kind of doubt because Pandora’s Box had already been opened).

At this point, I actually won’t be surprised if $GG is already thinking of giving S1 heroes 2nd costumes if one day they thought the costume chamber needed “some love.” (AKA, needed more revenues to come in).


yeah, this whole costume thing is both nice and annoying. instead of saving gems for future portals, now we have to decide: do I spare some for the costumes of heroes I already have?

Wilbur and Ameonna are the two S2 4* I still miss anyway, so the choice isn’t too bad for me…

but of course, the lack of Atlantis coins is annoying. The lack of Valhalla and Underwild coins is already annoying too. And SG knows that, and they want to keep it that way so we are tempted to summon with gems… or with money to buy gems. :stuck_out_tongue:

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