The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Exactly my point on why I don’t mind having a limited roster of basic damage dealers. I don’t really like to overthink when I play this game, having too many choices would do that. I just try to find a set I am comfortable working with and stay with it. Your above point about fighting heroes who you didn’t bother to read their cards on what they do is also kind of my point about way too many heroes (5* heroes) that I care to count or care to figure out what they do.

Huzzah for manageable resources!


@Sorvina I am carrying our conversation from the trials thread over here as to not throw that one too far off topic.

Which mana controllers do you currently have and how were you considering making up your teams? I, unfortunately, lack the better ones: Proteus, Onatel, Hel. If you want some more detailed info on any of the ones I have let me know. Discord may be best if you’re on that. Ones I have:

Gretel +20 LB
Hansel +20 LB
Merlin +20 LB
Leonidas +20
Little John w/ CB +20
costume Lianna +11
Chao maxed
costume Chao maxed
Peters maxed
Li Xiu maxed
costume Li Xiu

My previous comparison was Gretel to costume Chao. It was somewhat lopsided because Gretel had significant emblems, but Chao didn’t. I think I will do my latest one with Hansel, Gretel, and Merlin. All are +20 HP/D and LB’d so it’s more apples to apples. I would have run the numbers anyway as I am curious, so I might as well share my findings even if only you, me, and @Noble_Weasel care :laughing:. No timeline on it, but probably next couple of weeks.



Hi guys :hugs:

Can I ask, which kind of Alliances are you in, and how is it like there?
I just got curious, and wanted to know a bit more about you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’d for sure like to see that comparison. :grinning: I just got Hansel and Merlin a couple of weeks ago from HA8, and have yet to level either up, but soon. still running HA8 in the hopes of getting Gretel too, and Jackal.

I imagine i’ll use all of them eventually, you can never have too much mana control. especially since now even all the monsters in the season maps have mana and specials. the red archer guys in S5 with their 60% defense down are quite dangerous.

oh, and I got the hippo avatar to replace my Atlantis drone:


MROOAR! :hippopotamus:

i don’t imagine i’ll be changing it any time soon. :laughing:


I am in an open alliance that, once upon a time, I founded. I had to leave and came back for personal reasons unrelated to the game. There is a core group that came with me from the previous alliance we were in that fell apart. If you count that time in the previous alliance, the core group has been together nearly 4 years.

We are open, so anyone can join. We don’t care how good you are or anything. Just try/put forth effort and there is no problem. We have people in nearly every time zone so someone is always on. We are fairly chatty and if you pose a question someone will help.

We currently take down 9 & 10 star titans. We’re definitely better at certain colors. People have real lives too, so not everyone hits every titan. If we had everyone hit all the time we could probably kill 11 or 12*’s. We have ER doctors and other people with busy jobs.

We are cracking down on war lately though because we had a lot of unused flags a few times in a row. We don’t require war, but if you opt in you need to use flags. Obviously if an emergency happens it’s fine, just let us know.

IDK, that’s about it. We’re laid back and all levels both in game development and spending. We’re called WhatTheWhat

O, I forgot. I was recently out voted and the alliance does go for top 10k in CoK. We fell just below last time because I didn’t participate. It isn’t really hard for us to hit that if people simply participate some. It wouldn’t take like crazy effort on your part or anything.

You can reach out on Discord if you have questions. @Gartenerbsen @Sorvina and @Igmuhota all are in it too. They joined in the past year or so and stuck around, so I assume they’re happy.

HA8 was one of the best ideas SG had in a LONG time. Prior to it, I only had 2 event 4’s (Jackal and Gretel). Not that power creep isn’t there, but if I think of the heroes I got from HA8 and how much they helped, I would be in a really tough spot now without them.

I used to say that a lot, but if you saw my list I may be at that point now :laughing:. After a while it is redundant except maybe towers or something.

Must be a typo, I think you meant EVER!



My alliance is a rebuild of the one I started with. I joined that alliance, got traction enough to be made Elder, can’t do much of anything else. Leader went silent, co-leader was really non-responsive. Convinced a group of “still-active” members to migrate to a different alliance in which I was voted to be the leader of. Yes, that’s 50 gems spent to create a new home of who knows back then what was going to happen.

My alliance recruitment thread here has a fairly good recount of the transpiring events, if you care to read into. It can be found here.

That was back in July of 2018, and the core group of guys who came with that first alliance was down to one relatively inactive player and myself. Most of the rest of the players who make up of the core now is the new, or current core. And some have been with the alliance for only a few hundred days shorter than myself.

We run on casual, war optional (please use all war flags if opted in honor system), no merc, killing 7* to 9* Titans (our height was 11* at some point when we were much more full, but had to dial back down due to losing members due to life, interest, covid-19 or whatnot).

We are made up of paying players and F2P, and typically have no problem finishing the Titan slaying part of the POV.

You don’t see too many leaders of an alliance sitting out wars, but I am one of them. It’s a good thing my roster isn’t counted toward matchmaking.

I am thankful that my guys stayed as long as they have in this format.


It’s a closed alliance resulting from a recent merger of 2 middling alliances so now we’re around 20 active players. We’re closed, but open to any players. Most of us have been together for close to 4 years, and have players around the world. Our main rule is to use your war flags and a few people left because of that. We’re somewhat comfortable with 8* titans, although we cool down between PoV.

It’s a quiet alliance, but decent activity with a few people more chatty than others.

For maps, Onatel and Proteus are enough. But I like multiples for rush wars so you can double up on different colors in case the boards go bad against you. Say, Proteus/Merlin paired with Tettukh/Peters/Hansel.


Hi @Gwniver , as @Muchacho wrote, WhatTheWhat is a very nice alliance. Tolerant, and still active. Just the right mix for me, with just the right titans, and a broad range of game strategies, paying habits from FTP to P2W, social styles from always silent to chatty, many different walks of life from truckers to doctors. And, of course, people from all around the world, America, Europe and Asia.

Yes, I find it pretty pleasant :grinning:. Good alliance, I feel myself lucky.


I’m kind of an outlier. I only allow people into my alliance that I know IRL or that someone I know in IRL can vouch for. Two reasons for that - one, I had someone close to me get in some pretty serious crap talking to someone they shouldn’t have been online; and two, my nephew, both my daughters, and a little guy from church are all in my alliance, and I feel a responsibility to keep them safe online. My nephew, the oldest, is fourteen, while the youngest, my younger daughter, is eight.

The consequence of this is that my alliance isn’t very active. We’ve only ever had four to five active members at a time, and I’m actually about the only active member right now. Another guy from church used to play a lot, but he’s fallen off lately due to other commitments. My nephew never focuses on one game very long, mobile or console. My daughters prefer watching videos on YouTube these days. So I just plug along, waiting to see if anyone will come back to kill a little time. I can take down three-star titans by myself, depending on color (i.e. not the yellow ones). Obviously, I’m not competitive in CoK. One-on-one alliance wars can be kind of fun.

YES! I’m getting there, but focused on finishing all three provinces on normal and hard first. MROAR! :hippopotamus:

So is HA 10, at least in theory. I’m getting crushed by the odds right now, but I love my G. Kong, and I’m finally about to finish Seshat to bolster my purples. The odds are still maddening in all portals, but honestly, for as much crap as we give SGG, there are still more ways to get new heroes than there ever have been, and for that, I am glad. Would like to see more positive changes, but lightning strikes with a Marcel here and a Sun Shangxiang there. It’s enough to keep me in the game for now.

BTW, good to see you @Gartenerbsen . Feel like we haven’t heard much from you lately.


HA10 has gotten me Zimkithia, Perseus, 2 Seshat’s, Magni’s costume, and Elena’s costume.

It’s hardly an auto win of heroes, but those are all value adds that either are use or will once levelled.




I have recently changed jobs, and that meant I had to tidy up my former activities, write up things, etc. Then there were all the new things I had to learn, I travel now a lot more to the new workplace (sadly, fully remote working came to an end), tired, stressed and happy at the same time as everything seems to be pretty good and the new colleagues very nice.

Also… well, I must admit with shame that I feel guilty with the FTP rebellion. Even before, I was not an FTP but a C2P, but recently, I bought even a few offers.

I had a very lucky streak with my pulls from December to February. Finley, Malosi, several good costumes, almost all the HotMs, Aouda. Excellent 4* from everywhere. Then I couldn’t support the lack of more luck, there came my birthday and Easter, and what with one thing and another… well… so I paid for some offers. Result, Sobek, the 5* blue crocodile from S5. Excellent acquisition, but at the price of a very bad conscience.

I even have aethers for him, cherry on the cake.

On another note, I fully agree with the general opinion about HA8 and 10. HA10 was stingy with me until December, gave me only G. Owl in more than a year. But since then, it got a grip on itself, and produced Malosi, Lady Locke, and several costumes, including those of Marjana (wouhou!!!) and Isarnia who is one of my favourites and a general ace for me. HA8 has already produced all my missing event 4*. I am levelling Merlin, it will be fun to try him out.

I’d be really interested to read it!


That’s not necessary, most people here aren’t true FTPs. I think anyone is welcome if you have the right attitude. That’s more important than a spend limit of any kind. Besides, if you’re not regularly dropping lots of cash our boats aren’t that different given the odds.



Congrats on the luck!


Congrats on the new gig!

Hey, the Rebellion is more of an attitude… a mindset. It’s a place where we can ask questions about our less-than-stellar rosters and get thoughtful answers instead of getting dumped on by people who think everyone has dupe Mother Norths and would never deign to level a lowly Sylvaria. There are other spenders among us, I know. I think @Saros confessed to a bit of spending not too long ago, and @Kilted has always been a spender at some level, I think. Heck, if you want pure FTP, I’m out, because I’ve used some Google Play credit from doing surveys. Not a ton, but not zero, and it was responsible for me landing Yang Mai, at one point. You’re always welcome here. Your perspective has always been reasonable and helpful. Enjoy your new S5 toys without shame!


Yeah, I know that :blush:. I really like this little community the most in all the forum…

:smiling_face: thanks!


Although my time with HA10 is relatively short, and is currently on hiatus, in approximately 6 - 7 months of running dating back to St. Patrick’s Day 2021 all the way to the end of October or so with some unintentional breaks (like quickly fed off a dupe 5* before realizing I had to send him/her back in), I managed a Joon-C and a naked Gravemaker.

Still not quite the payout I would’ve liked to see for the amount of time, and resource commitment it gobbles up every week.


I’m vc2p from the beginning, spending averagely $7 a month so far for either ViP or recemtly PoV. My alts are true f2p, however they are underachievers so they don’t count. However my f2p mindset was and always has been - showing that all non-competitive aspects and even some competitive ones like certain tournaments or wars (54 war wins in a row btw) are readily available to be won with nothing except S1 3* and 4* heroes, which are any f2p roster main weapon. I think I have done that so for every event except the Towers.

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I have:
5* - Leonidas +19
4* - Proteus +20, Merlin, Mist +20, C.Chao +20, Li Xiu +20, Gretel, Tettukh +5, L. John, Carol +20
and some 3* heroes too.

Here's my roster

Well, frankly speaking I think I’m not good at this, at choosing heroes that can work together well and have synergies. I like using Mist with Leonidas - she slows mana regeneration down, he cuts mana. C. Chao doesn’t fit this team, so maybe Gretel will? I think that C.Chao is good with mana cut heroes, but not with heroes like Mist that slows mana reg. down.
Proteus I usually take alone or with Mist - he stops mana reg., when he’s not charged again after 3 turns I shoot Mist and I keep trying to charge Proteus again. But usually I take Proteus with mana potions.
I really like Tettukh and I really want to get Peters - they are not mana controllers, but silencers delay using special skills as well as mana controllers.
I may emblem my LJ, but only when I get his costume.

I’m excited about Gretel, because her special is similar to Pixie’s special, which I really like. She saved me a few times from Treevil, by reducing his mana and dealing damage. The difference between Gretel and Hansel is their direct damage, right? 1 target vs. 3 targets?
Hansel, where are you? Come and join your sister in my roster!

Yes, please! :smile:


I am in Seven Days Uprising, a very competitive but friendly atmosphered alliance from the Seven Days family.
I am in this alliance for more than 200 days, before this I was the leader of a more relaxed alliance.
Actually we rank on position 71 but that is very fluent. Due to number of cup changes , hour of titan kill and war results we fluctuate between rank 50 and 250. Officially we are still the training alliance of the 7 Days family, but we are going to outgrow this, reaching for the top100.
I am one of two f2p in the alliance, its invite only and you need at least lvl17+ rainbow mana troops and 20+ maxed 5* to have a chance joining.
We chain 14* titans, ranked top 100 last MT and top1000 in CoK. Our leadership decided to not push for CoK because the loot is not much compared to the number of items you need to get to the next better loot tier.
If you do not hit a titan or dont use all war flags you have to leave. You have to maintain an average of 100k damage on every killed titan over the last 30 titans. And you have to have an average of at least 165 points in war except rush wars. Rush is fun but you need some luck, so rush is not part of our average.
Our alliance is much more fun than you might think reading the rules and requirements. Very nice committed people, no drama, supportive and witty. Most of our communication is on line and discord, which allows an exchange of a lot of informations. From holiday pictures to war hit videos. The members are from all over the world. This is one of the most appealing aspects for me, to get into contact with people of many cultures.
It definitely requires some commitment and a proper time management to be active in a (nearly) top alliance. Our goal is to be ranked solidly in the top100, and get our war score over 152500 soon, to be ranked by Beezer.

Happy gaming


I second that, always nice to see you @Gartenerbsen … and who cares if you’ve bought a few offers, some of us have too… as long as you’re kind and helpful (which you are), you’re golden :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing so much about your alliances @Muchacho , @Shohoku79 , @Quinn3 , @Gartenerbsen , @Noble_Weasel and @Gimliv . :100: (I hope I didn´t miss anyone, then please let me know!)

Very interesting read. I´m only used to communities in PC games in the past, and my favorite part about those games were indeed the community. I always belonged to alliances/guilds, where people would say goodmorning and share all kinds of things about their day, pictures etc. It seems hard to find that kind of activity in an alliance in a mobile game, I suppose. :slight_smile: Good thing one has this forum and this thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: