The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

Congrats! That sounds like a pretty great haul to me.

This was my first time summoning in Valhalla since I just started S3. I only had enough for 1 pull, and I got Kvasir! Possibly the best 3* in the game, from what I’ve seen. Certainly the one that frustrates me the most during raids, so I’m happy to have him on my team now.


I go for anything that increases the overall tile damage of the team, because in numerous raids that exact tile damage had won me the fight, even when opp is on 4 heroes alive and I’m on 1 or 2 only. At some point I even considered going full attack path with Boldtusk. That same tile damage is important vs titans or in my case, since I rarely battle anything bigger than a 6*, the green Mythic titan.

BTW even so, Falcon is pretty sturdy and definitely survives better than any other hero on the team except Boldtusk.


923/1333 is pretty good. Especially with the paladin class to boost that after being hit. I hav mine is max special and am finishing him off now. It’s good for thought on which emblem path to go. He is going straight to +20 and LB. I held on to aethers for him.

In other news I think once I finishing running the couple other maxed special heroes I have to the top I will just LB Rigard and Sabina even without costume. I can’t do a 5*, they are my best 4’s, and still have value even without costume.

I still need to decide on yellow. I am leaning towards Guardian Jackal, Chao, and costume Chao. I can’t afford emblems for Chao, so this will boost him still as his costume adds value. I also use normal Chao on all aether quests. Jackal I am going to try to use in non-titan situations.

My yellows frustrated me because I had almost nothing but mana and support heroes. I am going to try a damage line up of:

Gullinbursti, Griffin, Joon, Jackal, and Ranvir. Gullinbursti’s overheal offsets Ranvir’s special. Lots of fast snipers. I am also going to try and drop someone TBD and utilize The Wu costume for I have some multi-enemy hitting. A lot of exciting than me old yellow teams when I ran mono.


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I also go defence route on riposte. I lose a bit on each hit, but when I was using them regularly it meant I could keep alive a bit longer.

Also I went attk path with my Falcon.

Some things me and @Saros do the same :rofl:

I may be the only person in the game who took attk spots on LotL though :thinking:


I am not amazed by LB Rigard. He feels almost the same as before LB, despite all of mine on alts are emblemed on the attack path in costume form. If I get him on my main, he’s definitely not a top LB priority. On the other hand, cTiburtus, regular Tiburtus with cbonus, Sartana and the two Treevils feel great on LB, and there is a distinctive difference.

On alts I have multiple cSabina LB and…she’s almost as squishy as regular cSabina. Sadly also not a top LB target.

I already decided on LB my new two 4* on main, hopefully this makes it easy for your decision @Muchacho :slight_smile:

Wu’s costume is emblemed on Attack path and as you can see, he’s both pretty sturdy and with very high tile damage plus special ability. However he requires the 5 lvl mana troop support to charge in 9.

My reasoning behind leveling Wu is that without costume except vs titans I use him in all of the harder quests and events - be it challenge event, Alliance event, Trials quest, Masquerade or Tavern of Legends or Omega quest, plus the two Towers. He shines in each and every one of these and a bit higher stats will make him even better.

Second one not fully leveled yet:

My Gullinbursti is emblemed Attack + defense, again unlike most players who go HP + defense, since he’s my only healer and as such - present in all of my yellow mono teams where I need more tile damage.

Just for reference, this is my current Yellow mono:

However I have the heavy troop support for it, both of my cChao charge in 7, both of my Jackals charge in 6…if I find just 7 tiles, I can kill at least two before my enemy can even act and control the mana of at least one more Average or Slow. I could now replace one cChao for the cWu Kong. Will have to see how it goes. Hopefully this all helps you make a decision who to LB.



For PvE, especially auto play, I prefer Wilbur ( see notes )

But for Mono Red ( war, titans, some raids ), I currently like both

Though I will have reconsider if I get Falcon from HA08, or costume for Marjana

Riposte heroes

I agree:

([Pseudo 5*] Blue, Classic 4*, Boril)


Click for notes

Wilbur, Auto play

Team slots

Wilbur raids



Everyone deserves Falcon

Hope you all get him soon


My logic is I use no other purple 4’s with any kind of regularity and, eventually, I will get their costumes, which are great. My main purple D dropper is Malicna. There may be a situation in a particular event or something Tibs comes out again, but they are too few and far between to warrant aethers. I do have his costume and he is +1. Ranger emblems are too rare for me.

I also don’t play with 3’s enough to warrant and don’t have the aethers for a 5*.

You and I do some things very different, but it does help to hear the logic behind some things and see the heroes. I can take what I want from it and utilize to my style and roster. The more thought out opinions the better. :+1:

I am saving monk emblems for Leo’s 20th node. I lack his costume and want the mana bonus. He is probably my most used 5* yellow. After that I can either do Raffaele or The Wu costume. Given Raffaele could survive the harder CoK version being just maxed, I am leaning The Wu. His AoE hit is legit and something I lack.

I don’t care for Li Xiu and her hit is weak. Gretel hits multiples but, again, not hard. It’s not either of their purposes. Hu Tao I used to like for quests and stuff, but had been replaced with Justice. I can get Justice to hit hard at +9 with Athena and Glenda, but the biggest purpose is the AoE blind. That has saved me on harder stages. My healers don’t need to account for hits that miss.

That being said Justice is probably getting reset to max Guardian Falcon. I have no other paladins in queue, so I could dump them back on to her. I couldn’t go back to Hu Tao either. I have about 400 fighter emblems, but am deciding between Elena and Lancelot. Both would be better than Hu Tao to make up for Justice. I won’t decide until I finish Lancelot who is right after Peters (current special maxing project).

Mine is as well. I LB’d him after first yellow aether quest. Overheal IMO makes him different without that health cap I was better going A path. Plus my other yellows were massive hitters. Again, my pseudo beef with yellow. I have gone off about that one Lenny in the past though, I will control myself… this time.



Been meaning to ask you if you were starting to find Raffale a little fragile these days. When I first maxed him, he was beefy enough not to need emblems, but now I’m starting to notice him getting killed before he can do his thing. (When he does it, though, he’s still awesome. Can you imagine that the forum voices thought he was a loser when he first came out?) I’ve taken Leo to +18, and I’m going to emblem up Bauchen next, but after that, I may be looking to dump monk emblems on Raffale, who’s absolutely part of every war I fight in and straight kills it in rush attack.

After the latest buff to Zagrog (March HotM), I’m also thinking of abandoning my quest for Viscaro and waiting till March to do my final Underwild pulls. For as badly as I wanted her, Yang Mai’s mana nerf has relegated her to being second rate, and I might swap in Zagrog (if I can get him) on my red mono team and take Yang Mai’s emblems for Raffale. I’ll then try to shore up my purples through Soul Exchange or HA 10. (Yeah, right! HA 10 hates me.)


I don’t war a lot and lately haven’t been raiding. The most difficult challenge he’s faced was CoK and he managed. It is a tough call with him and Wu costume. I could use a yellow that just gives everyone a good thump. I have lots of support and lots of snipers. What yellow really needs is a ramming pulverizer or Buddy equivalent.

I have time as I still need 100 more emblems or so for Leo.

Yellow and red have had the most turnover for me lately. I am feeling my reds out too. I REALLY like Elena so far, but don’t want to judge until Lancelot is done as they’ll compete for emblems. I also got enough rings to final ascend Khagan, but ranger emblems are tough for me. Considering leaving Seshat and Lianna temp parked at +7 for Chao and potentially Khagan to get some :man_shrugging: I have some time.

Paladin will be interesting with the balance after Guardian Falcon as I am closer to having enough scopes for Perseus who I think has potential. I like Justice though. Richard is +20 but almost never used aside from D team. Kind of a waste, but I don’t have a replacement. Maybe leave Justice and strip Richard. Who knows. :man_shrugging:

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One of my more prized recent acquisitions (acquired during Challenge Festival Summoning Portal) after longing for him for so long and his ol’ buddy ol’ pal Jackal felt so lonely for so long on my roster. Having his little trainee G. Bat is nice and all, don’t get me wrong. But you always long for your equal partner in crime.

As soon as I am done with my current Red 3* projects (Bauchan and Sudri), he will be next, and I will emblem and LB him for good measure too.

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Luck is fickle. After 3 years, I get my first Falcon during the challenge festival… then I proceed to get 2 more from HA 8.


If I had Wu’s costume - it’s one of just two four-stars I’m missing - I’d probably choose C. Wu, because as you mention, yellow really needs so oomph. As I don’t, I think Raff might be my next best option for monk emblems after Bauchen.

Word! From your keyboard to SGG’s eyes.

I think you can have them by the end of the weekend. If I’m not mistaken, Villains legendary has 150 monk emblems as part of the completion reward.

Me, too, but among Elena, Azlar, and Khagan, I much prefer Khagan. At +18, mine is reasonably sturdy and packs a pretty good whomp. Still sucks that he’s slow mana, but I find him the most impactful of the three.

Almost exactly the same thing happened to me with Jackal. Weird, isn’t it?


Same except it was the second HA8 summon I did shortly after festival.

100% A path. Capitalize on his passive of his A can’t be dropped. I am kidding, don’t do this.

I like Azlar more now that he is +11 or so. Hits really darn hard. Boldtusk, Athena, Glenda, then Azlar brings the pain.




I was short on barbarians for so long that I expected to have emblemed Azlar by now, but then came Gretel, Frank, and Kong, and now I need more help in purple than red, so I’m about to start Obakan instead. A shame, because I love Azlar’s art and his special. I think he could be good with emblems and maybe LB.


Am I nuts to throw emblems at both Kelile and Scarlett solely so I can complete the final level of this emblem quest? Thinking bringing both to node 7 might give a bit more of something.

I’d be bringing them with Gormek at 7 and Grimm at 7 nodes.

I’m leveling Krampus (currently 2/10/4) as fast as I can, but he ain’t ready, and the only other choice is an underleveled Domitia or a fully leveled LittleJohn with a single emblem.

So it’s looking like Scarlett, Gormek, Grimm, Kelile, and… LJ?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Solutions? … insults?

Edit: nobody home tonight, gonna call it. Next time!

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I’m not a fan in normal circumstances of embleming for a niche ( especially if I can overcome it with items). However if you are getting yourself an overall bonus like in this case I think I would. Eventually you will have plenty of reset emblems you can use to take the emblems back if you no longer need them.

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FWIW, I’ve given one copy of all my 4* heroes emblems up to +18, except for my riposte heroes (Boril, Cyprian, Mack), since I don’t use them. At a certain point in time, you’re going to just accumulate emblems and many of the 4* are going to be used regardless of how big your roster gets. As well, many of my 5* heroes have +18 emblems. As it is, I have a large surplus in certain ones (>1000 in Barb, Cleric), and at the moment, just need Rogue and Druid emblems.
So don’t worry about “wasting” emblems. For example, I’ve emblemed up Ameonna quite a while ago, and while people would have taken them off, I’ve kept them. It’s come out to be a good thing as I’m putting her back into my yellow titan stack after taking the emblems off of Quintus and giving them to Krampus.


To echo @Quinn3 and @Kilted , that team should win. It is similar to what I used for a while if not identical. It has been a long time for me to remember.

I got Kelile and Scarlett around the same time and emblemed them simultaneously by alternating who got the node until they were both maxed. Nothing wrong with doing both and they are likely your best rogues for a while.

Gormek and Grimm together are fine. Fire Gormek first as the bosses are red. After their D is dropped by Gormek, then hit them with the strong hit from Grimm.

LJ is off color, but you’ll want the mana slow. Worth it to bring him. I still don’t have a healer for this one either so the mana slow is big to prevent too many specials happening without burning time stops or something.

Good luck, you’ll best this one too. You’ll beat them all now I bet.

No such things as wasted emblems. That’s what resets are for. There’s also no meaningful prize for “best emblem hoarder” or anything. Try whatever you want.



Sorry, went to sleep early. To answer your question - any Trials quest last level can be completed with only a couple fully leveled, yet unemblemed 4* and three also maxed, unemblemed 3*. Doesn’t really matter which ones as long as you have a strong tile damage color combination which is strong or at least neutral versus the mobs, and either a healer or a batch of Potent Healing Potions (I usually bring Super, those however require Orihalcum nuggets to craft so not that good unless you have multiples).

The base strategy is to pass the mob waves with minimal amount of items (the 4th slot only which is occupied by either the Potent Healing potions or a batch of Minor Mana potions which are only used to charge your healers). No matter how bloody and battered you arrive at the boss wave, the remaining three slots are occupied by Bombs, Axes and Dragon attacks which will kill any set of 3 Trials bosses. Of course, if you have some nice tiles, use them before unleashing your bombs, however be careful not to die accidentally before that.

BTW that is why I don’t see any reason for you wasting emblems on heroes just for the sake of completing a Trials - you don’t need any.

Edit: Although I tend to agree there is no such thing as wasted emblems, as long as you have sufficient amount of Resets. If you don’t however then it’s important whom you give emblems too. For example when I started playing, I had no decent green defense drop hero as well as no other riposte (or purple at all) hero except Cyprian. I gave Cyprian and cIshhtak 18 nodes of emblems each to help me progress further on the map/quest/event pvm fields and even help me easily win raids on Gold arena. After several months I acquired heroes which allowed me to switch from the Counterattack strategy, several were paladins like Sonya so I stripped Cyprian of his emblems, useful as he was in the beginning I no longer needed him for the time being and emblemed Sonya instead, who sees way too much use to this very day.

So in short, it’s about which heroes are the most useful for your progression, and focus on giving them at least 18 nodes each. A 4* with 7 nodes isn’t that much different from a regular 4*, however one with 18 nodes is almost equivalent to an unemblemed classic 5* from S1 stat wise. So it’s better to focus on either Kelile or Scarlett with your rogue emblems and leave the other one to wait until you amass more. I personally prefer Scarlett since her attack drop is very useful in raids as well as vs tough bosses.

And don’t worry that this strategy will consume a lot of resources. First of all, a batch of 5x bomb items every 3.5 days isn’t that much. Second, you will start using less and less items as your 4* force grows stronger. I basically stopped using almost any items on the Trials the moment I could field a team of four 4* of the required classes.

Edit: I will post an exemplary video from an alt accout at the next Trials.