The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join? (Part 1)

I maxed Obakan and emblemed him to maximum. I had enough tabbards and no other barbarian. After the buff in V.37 he is usable. I have him with Sartana in a purple mono team. Together they can kill any enemy.


I’ll hav heimdall at 20 emblems by the end of the day in witch will make him super tough tank.

its rush war next so thinking he will be a good support for alfrike


Boo for your Costume Chamber pulls. Again. :frowning:

Shall I now reveal the particular costume I had hoped for you starting from last month’s chamber? Or best to keep it secret til after next month’s costume pulls? :wink:

Third time lucky. Maybe. :sweat_smile:

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cKiril is one of the best four-star costumes, imo. Sorry the rest was underwhelming, but I think you’ll really like the rock star dwarf.

Ouch! I got those in the very first costume chamber. Don’t use cBrienne much, but I use cGunnar in lots of three-star contexts. Now that I’ve finished Raff and started doing some of my three-star blue costumes, I think my three-star mono blue team will be pretty nice.

Exactly. I was hoping with 11 pulls, I could at least get something to work on, but not so. Saving for months is great when it lands Hansel and Gretel, which it did for me last month. Not so great when the best thing that happens is being able to max the skill on Ulmer and Valen costumes since you pulled dupes, which happened to me yesterday.

See, I’m not sure the answer is the same for me - and obviously, you acknowledged it wouldn’t be for everyone. The part of the game that appeals most to me is always having something new to work on. Take that away, and it’s basically Candy Crush, right? Get new heroes, try new techniques - this is what it’s mostly about for me. I still have lots of greens to max, since they were so late showing up. Have to finish up some three-star garbage in blue before I come back to Richard, but he’ll probably get mat stuck for a while. Also have Leo and some three-star garbage in yellow to work on. But the projects are getting thin.

Obviously, I enjoy the forums, but I guess that’s one disadvantage of a small friends and family alliance. My alliance doesn’t keep me in the game. I’m gonna see them anyway! :slight_smile:

For all the griping, here I sit, auto-farming to fill an elemental chest. Might get an EHT for Sand Empire. Might get a 4-star mat and shave 2 months off of maxing my next legendary. Will probably get crap and be disappointed again.


Exactly the same for me. What is the point of playing a game if you never really progress? I get irritated every time people tell me things like, “the game would be boring if we all got good heroes on a regular basis!”

As opposed to always having the exact same heroes and never getting new ones??? That is the very epitome of boring.

I’m sorry that the excitement of pulling one new hero every 3-6 months isn’t enough to hold my excitement after spending hours every day match 3 grinding tiles. “oooh but isn’t the gameplay itself fun?”

If you mean the quests and map stages? No, no they’re not. And the story isn’t interesting either, or any of the other garbage they try to pass off as being worth thousands of dollars. It’s Candy Crush with “RPG elements”. The RPG elements are the only interesting part. When you lock those behind walls that can only be unlocked by matching 3 cherries on a virtual slot machine, you have just robbed me of the joy of grinding towards a goal. Knowing that I can grind for years without ever having a reasonable chance to reach that goal. And all the while, dangling that carrot in front of me, "you can have all the heroes now if you just give us all your money."

Hell no! Not worth.

Mostly in the same boat here. There are members of my alliance that I would miss if I were to quit the game entirely. But many of them were already with me long before I found this forum, and will still be on my “contacts list” long after E&P has shut down their servers.

As for the forum? I used to enjoy it. Now I can’t even post a simple, harmless, non-offensive thought in a random thread without being attacked by a horde of trolls. People used to compare this place to a dumpster fire. Nowadays, I’d compare it more to an out of control wildfire spreading across a nuclear waste site with multiple underground pockets of randomly exploding methane gas. It should be declared an international disaster zone that even the red cross refuses to visit because the noxious fumes are too dangerous to risk prolonged exposure to.


The only thing I can offer on the Little John costume is that I don’t have the costume and that the art on the costume seemed to have his lower body in a very awkward position like it is trying to go in opposite directions with his upper body and it is about to snap.

Costume Masquerade is now my favorite event for this game, followed by Rare Quests and Mythic Titans (not that I particularly like the hero reuse debuff mechanics, but the amount of rewards for the efforts put in is much, much better than say the Ninja Tower, which I despise).

  • Short and sweet that can be done relatively quickly.
  • No restrictions on who you can bring and how many times they can be used
  • No debuffs applied to re-used heroes
  • No Item restrictions
  • No elemental barriers
  • No weird level mechanics
  • You are guaranteed to add two free pulls if you finish the event

How can they make it better? By adding in randomized mob enemy that could drop keys upon defeat and completion of the level.

I dropped my first set of 5 keys into the portal yesterday and got me a new Boril costume, and that will complete my Ril Bros collection (Boril, Kiril, and Karil), too bad there are no costumes for 2*, otherwise I guess Toril might be there too.

An alliance mate indicated he has had some success in doing last minute pulls (e.g. waiting until a summoning event is almost over before pulling), with nothing else to try, I guess I will try with the two keys I got from finishing this month’s event. Since Isarnia is not a featured hero in this month’s costume chambers, it’s continuous gem savings until she is. Not that I would be sure to get her even if she’s featured, the difference between non-featured 5* and featured 5* is only 0.1% (cheapo SGG), so with 2 heroes being featured, the odds of landing on a specific featured one would be 0.6%

Sure this means I should save keys, but with me running out of heroes to work on, any new heroes or costumes for that matter is a welcome addition. But not at the expense of having to expand my roster with gems unless I have to (Roster Masochist here).

Speaking of alliance, although we aren’t all F2P, some are made up of P2P, ex-P2P, and C2P, I would just like to put in some good words for Technicolor Minds, the alliance I almost 3 years ago. It’s war optional, casually ran, and non-competitive alliance, currently slaying 7* - 9* Titans (the best we did were 11* when we were more full, then the pandemic happened).

One good thing I can say about our members is that most of them stayed for a long time, despite their rosters having “outgrown” what these Titans can possibly offer and have choices to move onto better, stronger, more tightly ran alliances, they chose to stay (citing schedules work better for them, liking the people here), and whatever the reason might be, I cannot thank them enough for it.

If any care to do so, you can read up on sort of the history for Technicolor Minds (Casual, laid-back alliance, Titan slayers wanted, war optional)


So, I agree with the RPG part of the appeal. That’s what originally got me into the game. Honestly, if I were starting fresh, I would be looking at one of the competitor games that have been mentioned as they appear to have more RPG/character building elements. Right now though, I have no interest in spending time in a similar game to get to the same point I’m at 1 or 2 years down the road. The only thing that really keeps me in the game is some of the responsibility I feel for my alliance members. I imagine I could always just promote one of the co-leaders to leader and take off, or take a break, but I’d feel bad for it, unless it’s going to be a permanent decision.

However, in the meantime, it’s just grind away.

Gripe and ye shall receive, I guess. Landed mystic rings, 2 EHTs, and 30 paladin emblems for Heimdall in the chest. 7 rings, now how about a non-dupe legendary red to use them on, SGG? (Guess people like me are never satisfied! :laughing:)


Y’all listening, SGG? Dude’s making sense over here. How about a Midgard Gnome in an Orichalum Sea Dragon costume? LOL

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: These are so confusing for my seven-year-old sometimes! Gonna have to steal “the Ril Brothers”!


hey, May is still young. maybe you’ll land Yang Mai before it’s over? :+1:


Believe me, when I first started playing, I couldn’t figure them out either. Until I used their artwork to show me how to tell the Ril Bros apart.

To-Ril - A 2* or Too Star
Ka-Ril - He’s the one that looks like he is shouting his name whenever he swings his hammer.
Ki-Ril - He seemed like he is always giggling about something, almost if making “Ki ki ki” sounds when he looked at his brew.
Bo-Ril - He has that emotionless face, almost as if he is too “Bored” to be there.


Just you, I am afraid.

Feel you @Noble_Weasel . I also collected coins for 8 pulls, and because of Viv’s costume and Lianna, I tried. Seven 3* dupes, and Tibs, who I already have since long. I miss costumes for Sabina and Colen (especially Colen who, even without costume, is a regular appearance in my red mono). Not even these missing 4*s! %&# .

On top, I opened a bonus chest. Got a meteorite fragment and an orb. Awfully rare, those 4* mats.

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I too found an old favorite game of mine again. Run only in DOS, so old. Now they put a DOS emulator around it, and it runs sweet and smooth on my Mac. I am more happy playing that than E&P, and these days it occurred to me to forget to log in for my last three war flags. Shame, I’ll get myself out from wars.

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oh wow, that’s excellent! The red will come.

Incidentally, the new Circus event may start this month. Incredible heroes, even fantastic 4* ones. Maybe you should try your luck there, also for Yang Mai!

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I had enough tokens for a Valhalla summon. I then used 350 gems so I could fill my bonus draw box as the HotM is pretty good. Caedmon, Agnus, and a tonic.

… I guess the tonic puts me at 11 so I will just ascend Horghall. By the time I pull another green 5* (I have all the vanillas and don’t keep dupes) I am sure I will have a 6th tonic.

Good luck to those still summoning. I am still in province 10 on hard so a ways to go before my deadline.



Not bad, @Muchacho , but remember guys, the new PoV starts tomorrow, so it’s best to pull tomorrow for the Summon Valor challenge count.

Well, I am done summoning S3. Used up my Valhalla coins from map completion for a total of 10 summons. Only new hero was Almur. I guess I won’t be getting any legendary S3 heroes.

Ascension chest gave me a Damascus blade, but kind of worthless since I don’t have any 5* heroes to work on.


Congrats on Almur though. He is great. Especially if you don’t have Evelyn



No doubt. If I was going to only get an epic hero, Almur is the one since I am missing elemental defense down heroes. It is slightly frustrating that the game decides to get me duplicates all the time. I get that Brynhild and Mist are good. But, I don’t need 3 of them. I mean I have 8 4* S3 heroes… 3 each of Mist and Brynhild, then Mireweave and Almur.

Ah well, onto S4.

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