The free summons


So many times I’m getting 1 or 2 star players a really get a 3 star when I started playing the game I brought gems which allowed me to my 2,5 star heroes an my 2,4 star heroes now when I get my free summons I’m constantly getting one or 2 star neva getting a 3 star… Is anyone else having issues with this… Yet again had a free summons am still got a 1 star here I never had a 3 star yet any one else having this kinda •••• results


I have only pulled three 3* heroes since starting play in April. And i have the VIP so double token every day minimum. My son has pulled like 40 in the same time… Rngesus doesn’t like me ( or you apparently )


I too have the VIP an it seems you may b rite it does not lik me or you,my partner seems to be getting alot 3 stars as well, I find it frustrating as hell was the game designed for some people to get mre then others…


It’s just the nature of gacha or gambling in general. I know purple that go to casinos and win all the time. others who lose almost every time they go… You just got hopw it switches over at some point and our ‘luck’ changes lol


*people not purple :wink:


Haha yea I now peeps like tat too I must say this thou I’m.lucky at the casino haha


Yet again got a free summons an once again I got a 1 star. Pretty ratshit I reckon… any one else having shitty free summons


I would estimate that I’ve maybe pulled around 500 ish free summons and I would guess that maybe 5-7 of those were 3s heroes. A couple of them were 3 troops.


Really so you rekon this game designed to buy gems or to spend moni on…


Ofcourse this game is designed to make you buy gems and spend money.

You can play the game without spending money, it just takes ALOT more time and patience.

TC20 gives you a 5% chance of getting 5* heros.
Rare quests and events give you guaranteed ascension materials for completion.
You get gems from titans, chests and quests.

If you want fast (faster-ish) progress, you absolutely have you spend money on this game.

It is ofcourse entirely possible to play and enjoy the game without spending, it all depends on your goals and ambitions with the game :slight_smile:


Well once you get to training camp 12 its guaranteed 3*, training camp 13 has 3* with a chance of 4* as well and training camp 20 is about 75% 3*, 20% 4*, and 5% 5*. Those are the solution if you don’t want to spend money.


Awesome thanks for that as I’m already at level 12 training camp an nothing as yet only been getting 1s an 2s haha


I do get a ton of 1 & 2 star heroes and 1 star troops from the daily summon but I do get 3 stars occasionally. I’ve gotten ulmer and bane from the daily summon. The latter I used to level up another hero.


I got Carver today from a silver token lol


Rub it in y dnt u all I manage was 2star an a 1 star grrrr


I am sure most of the forum troopers here were not doing any rubbing in when they commented because it is happening to them as well. It is just that the Free Daily Summon is too much of a non-factor when it comes to hero acquisition. You shouldn’t be relying on the Free Daily Summons as your main source of good heroes as opposed to getting them from your Training Camps. TC12, 13, and eventually 20 is what you should eventually be shooting for.

I’d rather the daily summons give me troops because as of now, aside from spending gems (and $) in the shops or doing troop summons, there are no other ways to acquire troops other than farming. As you progress through the game, you will find that the best thing that “could” come from Free Daily Summons (or Silver Tokens) is chance at 3* Troops (map loot drops only 1* and 2* troops)


Agreed with @Shohoku79. You need to rely on tc for 3* or higher if no money. I’ll take troops any day with my daily tokens.