The fool who thought he defeated Ursena

I was keen on finishing season II today. Spent the last three days cutting through Outer wall, Eastern corridor and Heart of Atlantis, without any major problems, with Boldtusk+18, Chao+19, Isarnia+3, Elkanen+1 and Sabina+19, using only health potions and a few time stops, taking advantage of the reduced WE cost.

So, here I was, about to face the most difficult challenge so far… Ursena, hard mode… OK… let’s take a recon run… went in with Boldtusk+18, Boril+18, Wilbur+18, Cyprian 4/70 and Melendor+7. Took time stops and all the mana potions I could carry for Wilbur and the healers. Went in with no real hope of defeating her, just to get a taste of what I was facing…

The battle started well, took out the drones quickly and engaged in a slow but deadly dance of tuning Ursena’s dispell cycle with Wilbur’s Wonderful feast and her special with my riposters. Every time Ursena’s special went off, my riposters were activated, covering the whole team, Wilbur’s Feast was inactive and my healers, ready to restore my team to full health. Boss mode went smooth, as expected, not much to worry about other than timing the specials. No items used up to this point… And soon the hard part begun (at least that was what I thought at that moment). Titan mode… Same dance, only this time Ursena slashes every turn… So main objective was to stun her as many times as possible, to keep her from slashing my team down. And down we went, stun, Wonderful feast, dispell, Riposte, Empress of the depths, heal, stun, clean, rinse, repeat… Ursena was slowly but surely killing herself on riposte. Once or twice I had to help the healers build-up mana by using some potions, but no real problems for my team… as her health bar went down to about 50% it was the first time I thought to my self, “hey you might stand a chance here!”… but at the same time, a strange feeling was taking shape at the edge of my conscience. It was all too easy… I mean, come on! It’s Ursena Hard Mode, the best the game has to offer and I have no trouble winning with only 4* heroes and almost no battle items… Something is off… I decided to concentrate on the battle and denied the “something is wrong” warning…

After about 15 or 20 minutes, maybe a bit more, Ursena casted Empress of the depths one last time against riposte and went down in a cloud of smoke and flames. I was amazed, killed her first try with minimum effort… what was that about her being though, they were talking about on the forum? I even took a Victory screen screenshot! But that was about it… no adrenaline rush, no feeling of accomplishment, none of those things that should have been… it was way to easy I thought, as the rewards were displayed on screen… but… wait… what the he||? WHAT THE HE||? Where’s the fat juicy promised rewards? Some iron, some ham, some common herbs and large bones, what the he|| is this?!!

Oh, crap… This wasn’t hard mode, it was normal setting, thought to himself the fool who thought he defeated Ursena…


Second time I made sure hard mode is on.

Took the same team, same items, as mentioned above, battle lasted about the same time length. The harder she hit, the harder riposte nailed her. My only extra worry (beside the ones already mentioned) was keeping my healers alive. At the end I was left with Boldtusk, Boril, Wilbur (barely breathing) and Cyprian, and no mana pots at all. Never used a single time stop. Lost Melendor near the end (titan mode had 6000hp left)… had I lost him sooner, the outcome might have been very different. Alone, Boldtusk couldn’t repair the damage done by the slashes and specials, even with stuns and Wilbur’s protection.

Rewards were the right kind this time!


15-20 minutes on normal mode… Hmmm… I hope reading this topic will help you Trying to beat ursena in easy,& hard mode

It is enough to do like I did and the hard mode becomes easy mode. Even if you don’t have Falcon. Important is Wilbur for lowering defense and protect the entire team, a healer and one hero for lowering Ursena’s attacks. It is better than bringing axes or bombs. Because you can use that slot for anything else. For scrolls, like I did, for example. But 3 slots should be mana for easy mode. Good luck!


I took in Lady of the Lake at 3/70 and Ursena literally couldn’t gain mana. Here special never went off and my team was always healed. Joon and Domitia, my big hitters, on each side of Elena for the counter slash. Lady next to Domitia and frida on the end. It was too easy. All hail Lotl for boss battles haha :joy:


With LotL in team no bosses stand a chance. What relaxing battles await you on advanced mode this year at seasonal events :slight_smile:

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She is going to stay at 3/70 though because once defeating Ursena and collecting rewards, i used the coins and BAM! Got Alby haha. So my tonics will go to him. But yes I look forward to completing all events now with a little bit of ease instead of the usual struggle haha.

I did that same thing when I was trying to beat hard mode. I realized it was too easy. I finally did beat hard mode though. Kiril, bt, joon, magni, Vivica. Not easy but not crazy either. They all survived to the end and bt was not max and Viv was only 3.70. No nukes either. Of she did fire I had shield up from Kiril or Viv. Only care was joon. Had to be careful firing his special if she did fire from her reflect.
Honestly I think the last Avalon was MUCH harder than beating s2. I did it but maybe its the time limit of it going away and having to wait to beat it again while ursena is there every day.

I got nothing from the coins. 5 3*. In all my pulls Only joon and mitsuko(she is a huge game changer) . tc20 has been much nicer. Hope they add hotm to it like discussed. Even if it’s only the group before element link that includes alby, hel, Athena delilah.

Azlar has been my only tc20 pull since running it non stop for 6 months and it was the second pull that I got azlar and thought oh yeah this should be great haha but nothing since. Been getting better luck with 10x pulls.

Unfortunately I’ll now have to wait one month to spend my 500 coins and get a few Dawas and Renfields… I would have them already in my roster if they wouldn’t have messed around with the Atlantis time frame…


maybe you’ll get Kingston!


Doesn’t Ursena Hard Mode seem easier than the map? I’m in province 15 Hard Mode and decided to just skip to the final stage. I brought Wilbur Melendor Kiril Rigard and Wu Kong. Only used 5 minor heal potions. It just takes a long time. She can’t do much if u keep healing and have Spirit Link.

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I went mono-red against Ursena in Hard mode.

Boldtusk | Wilbur | Lancelot | Scarlett | Red Hood

As long as you keep the dispel turn counter in mind, shared damage will protect your team for most of the match.

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Did Ursena on autoplay and she only casted once in the beginning.

Sadly there wasn’t auto in titan mode and I had to match manually.

Was fun with

Mum Mum Lakey Wu Inari

Inari wasn’t really needed, it probably would have been even faster with Jackal.

Watch my funny clip with Sponge Bob music…


@Olmor Why Wu and not your usual Tarlak?

Holy against dark and no heroes, who could miss due to him.

Wu and Ranvir produce the highest tile damage against dark. Neither Miki nor Tarlak will do better against dark.

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2 MN AND LotL? I hate you! LoL!

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Almost 1K in the weak spot with neutral triple stacked green tiles and without def down or additional att up.


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