The Flying Hellfish (merger or members wanted)

we are looking for new members or possible merger with like-minded alliance. Everyone in our group is active, and we never have need to nag about flag usage. Currently we are taking down 8/9 Titan and only had to pass on one lately due to a member leaving suddenly.
We are a quite the laid back bunch, but that doesn’t mean we are not striving to win, we win the vast majority of our wars (which are FFA and best defense until we get bigger) and don’t let Titans escape. We want our mats too! We are chatty when we are on, help each other out and generally have a laugh doing it. We have a line group we share pics and other things on but it’s not required. Come join us even if it’s just to see if you like worse thing happens is you meet some cool people.

So if your in an alliance I’m that is in our situation let’s consider a merge. Better odds. If your just a single player, join us we are getting there, One player at a time!

No hard and fast requirements,but would like to see a 4000+ war defense and be around the same level as the rest of us

Don’t be shy be a hellfish!!

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Message me in line after war we maybe able to work out a merge. Line Id: Amtybrow. Ascendant family of alliances. Active and organized.

Hey we are a group of 22 members right now so it’s a good fit haha. We are taking down 12* now. Our alliance is loki’s legends and the alliance is well organized. We

if you are interested in, you can line me : tonaldoFF

Ascendant Armageddon. 12* Titans. War strategy. Rotate tanks based on member rosters and war types. Top 300 versus last Mythic. Get those mats. Line family chats including a goat room and resource library.

Some familiar names there! Good luck guys I enjoyed my time with the hellfish all those many moons ago

I hope everyone has to get the tattoo :wink:


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If you guys only have 8 members feel free to join us! Our alliance name is called eleMENTAL Supremacy.

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