THE FLYING HELLFISH is a previous top 200 international alliance rebuilding back up - 4000+ TP / 2400+ Trophies

The Flying Hellfish is looking for 7 active members who are looking for 100% participation and commitment from a fun, active and supportive guild.

We are a previous Top 200 International (Members from the United States, Canada & Europe) Alliance rebuilding back up.

We have a Wise Goat, a library of Tournament ‘A’ defenses, Global Top 10 and 100k plus Titan brag albums!

We are looking for an exceptional team player:
~ Line Required
~ 4000+ TP
~ 2400+ Trophies
~ 11* Titans (50k min)
~ Uniform war tanks
*** Titan and War hits enforced ***

We expect members to use all war flags and hit the titan 3 to 5 times a day.

Whether you are an active member hungry for growth and friendly competition OR a top alliance player looking to slow down a bit and remain active, we are just the right place for you.

It will take awhile to get up to speed, so please understand that’s part of the journey. You might have fun growing and rebuilding with us.

To join us OR if you want an exception we will lower requirements for the right person(s), message Speedy (ID: sinfullyinnocent) or EmG (ID: mumof2masterofnone) on Line


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