The first two members against Titan receive A+

A new classification/ranking:

1-2º: A+
3-6º: A
7th onwards, the same rule as before.

I think that would be fairer.

I like this idea, in most alliances you have one big hitter that stands out, A+ is always reserved.

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Yes, the A and A+ tiers are usually reserved for a limited number of players (at last in my alliance, but I think that’s the case in most alliances), but that doesn’t mean much. In one year of game-play I,ve had my fair share of A+'s and I,ve noticed A+ is more about titan color than anything else. It’s green for me… on green titans I usually get A+. But I never noticed A+ gaining me better loot than A or even B tiers. I could swear B tier brought me form time to time better loot than A+. So having two A+ spots won’t bring anyone exceptional advantages… Actually I think the important part is taking down the titan as fast as possible, in order have the time to prepare for the next one and having everyone in the alliance hit to the best of their abilities. Just as war, titan hunting is not a competition, it’s a team sport.

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This is how the loot tiers are calculated:

Honestly I get better loot when in B or C (better loot == ascending mats).

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Hah, same here than the people above^^. If I sometimes fall belove A i usually get Asc. materials

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А что толку то, на А+ выпадает мусор, в нашем альянсе очень редко когда кому выпадает нормальные вещи с титана

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