The first 4* I pulled was


What if you skipped straight from 2* to two 5*? >_>

I got a single-color Monsters chest pretty early on. For a reward I got a Legendary hero token. When I used it, I got Khiona (the monthly hero at a time) and for some reason I got a bonus roll, and got Quintus.

I think I used up all of my luck in the entire game on that!


For me it was either Caedmon or Colen.
With almost a month into the game I did a 10x summon and I got both + Magni.

I haven’t been lucky enough to get another Caedmon since that moment (best regular 4* green if you ask me)


Kiril was my first 4*


I think it should be visa versa: You got Quintus which is a standard hero to summon plus Khiona as a HOTM. :slight_smile: :+1:


First i got 5* Khagan and next 4* li xiu.


Kelie, then Scarlett and as soon as I get a third I’ll let you know :smile:


Rigard. Still using him. Pulled khiona as well and they’re great in combination on a defence team.


Kiril - and I was so excited, it was like a dream. Second was Cyprian and third Kiril again (this time it was a shock and I was staring on the screen over 2 minutes with a disbelief :slight_smile:

All of them were having a good life until all replaced by 5*. Kiril was the last one to go.


Kelile. Still at 3/60. Got Gormek and Colen at 4/70. Got the blades to ascend her but I’m still hoping for Boldtusk.


Kashhrek. He was the one with my first hero token. I was quite lucky fighting with him, Bane, Ragnhild, Sharan and lovely Layla.


Boldtusk for me.

But by the time i got Hidden Blades i pulled Red Hood and had enough rings and Blades to max her not long after so he stuck at 3/60 for a long time as i pulled Wilbur and maxed him instead.


Grimm here. The first 4* and i used him very often.


Rigard. I was so happy I could cry. I went extremely long without a 4* summon and I had to watch as all my alliance mates passed me up with all their 4* heroes.

I personally think he might be the best 4* out there because he is a purifier. There are very few of them. Other than Gill-Ra I think you have to look to the 5* heroes if you want to find another purifier.


Tiburtius, very good hero, useful for defense, attack, titans and raids.

Then Khiona knocked at my door (twice) and now I use him mostly for titans to stack colors, and events.


She was one of my first 4* too.

IMO, if her special is one of the most replicated, she must not be bad at all, there is a 3* Nashgar (that I had before her) and a 5* Marjana (that I still hope to get some day) with the same special.

She is excellent to take care of those Little Johns menacing good people in raids…


My first 4* hero was Scarlett - the glass cannon.

I got an Epic Hero Token from my first titan chest and pulled Scarlett.
I naturally assumed all titan chests contained an EHT.

I was sorely disappointed on my 2nd titan chest.


Is she good? Worth it to max her up? Have a Kelile and a Gormek too, don’t know which one to ascend next.


I maxed her and use her regularly in my red color stacks on green titans 10* and under. She’s also good for wars. I never maxed colen or kelile and i dont regret choosing scarlett out of those 3. Only regular red 4* i would max over scarlett would be boldtusk and gormek(unless you have wilbur then gormek is relatively crap other than a war extra)


Cyprian, not even a half decent 4* but at the time it served me well enough to strenghten my defense in raids. Maybe and just maybe some day I’ll fully ascend him, but that is far from now.

As a bonus my second was Wu Kong.


I agree with @Rigs above, I would put Scarlett 3rd among the (5) 4* TC20 red heroes .
Behind Boldtusk and Gormek in that order.

Scarlett is fast mana and for a long time she had the highest attack of any 4* hero.
That is why I nicknamed her the glass cannon.