The Fire Storm HS1 - Enjoy killing 13* Titans? Join us for the hunt

We currently taking down 11* Titans with ~ 22 members and are expecting new players to hit average 100k per 12* Titan

War: optional but must use flags if opted in. We run coordinated tanks, currently Nature/Green. After that it’s ‘make every flag count’, so no strict timing required, i.e. Free For All (FFA) strategy as we’re based across multiple time zones.

We’re a diverse group with 2000-2800 cups, levels 44-85. Participation more important than having the latest shiny hero.

Line strongly recommended.

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We’re monstering this 11* rare… come join the party!

So good loot I’m almost embarrassed!
Never had 4 unfarmable AM or 2 4* AM from a Titan before!

We’re part of the House of Storm family, 9 alliances in total! We have commmon and alliance specific chat rooms on Line as well as the one and only Goat, the font of all knowledge! (E&P info. bot) Alliances range from training & casual alliances upwards so search HS1 in the alliances if your’re after something else.

Happy to hear your contributions to prioritising heroes, team composition etc. Feel free to debate with the more experienced players too

These people are super nice and knowledgeable, always willing to help others. If you enjoy playing like they do, check them out!

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War was keeping us busy this weekend but happy for the victory with all flags used :sunglasses:

I would like to take part in your Alliance!
How can I become your member?

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Hi Kaia, search the alliances for HS1 and select The Fire Storm, you then request to join and 1 of our leaders will accept you. Welcome! Are you also same name in game?

Hi, didn’t see your request to join yet… so welcome when you’re next online

Thank you for your waiting! I will be in your Alliance soon! We keep in touch!

Mmm, guess who won the last war with 100% flags used?

Currently taking down 13* titans with 26 members relatively easily.

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Latest war victory, seems Free for All tactics work for us!

Just resting a 14* Titan after taking down the previous one so filling some of the 4 available slots will make things more manageable, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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