The final score of the war

This was my post about the war that we just had.
“This is the WORST pairing I have seen.
I am in a NEW alliance 1st war.
Our team is 10 people 9 active. We range from 0-1383 cups. or team score is 8475.
Their team 9 people. They range from 269-2175 cups their team score is 25344.
Our top team is Merlin 3/47, Skittleskull 3/60, Gormec 3/60, Grimm 3/60 and Drake Fong 2/60. 3003 power.
We have 1 other 5* in our alliance Vivica 1/42.
Theirs is Chau 4/70, Sabina 4/70, Boril 4/70, Caedmon 4/70 and Scarlett 4/70. 3454 power.
Now someone PLEASE tell me how my team has a chance???
That CRAP of they take the 30 best on each team and figure it that way does NOT fly. I THINK it is a bald faced LIE.
Stevie Wonder could see that dont hold water.”
The final score was us 2127, them 2692.
Now after the war I checked on fight of other team and it it as follows.
7 of the 9 fought. 6 of that 7 used all 6 flags and the other 1 used 3.
My team all used 6 flags. So just as I thought we could no way win this war on equal play.
I KNOW they are trying (or so they say) to make it more equal for all.
But just like I said there is no way they took top 3 from each player and based it that way. Only four of my team had bigger than 1* heroes for flags 4,5, and 6
Only two had 1* 2* and unleveled 3* for flag 5 and 6.

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