The Feline Fans of E&P 😻

Yeah, i know he lived a good life. People said that they wanted to be one of my pets because i spoil them so much. It’s still hard! The one that’s left is definitely eating up the attention. It’s been a hard transition though.
I found a pretty good alliance. I’m now a member of the Crew family and I am having a lot of fun with it!

Here is a picture of my young one taking the spot that the old guy used to always have. I loves him. I asked him last night if he’s my new best friend. He said yes.


Pets are family, they often are the only ones that see the complete us; unvarnished and unfiltered.

We mourn - not because it’s unjust or unfair - but because we feel a deep sense of loss that they are no longer anchoring the parts of our lives we seldom share. It’s losing one of the best pieces of yourself.

I’m a little bit crazy I guess - my pets aren’t background. I’ve been known to give them unique voices, respond to their reactions and each has a unique personality that’s reflected. Being abused, I know their worries; we adapt and press forward together.

I’m sure after 17 years you do too.

My family and dates worth keeping have picked up immediately on this and adopted it as their own; and all are feeling the loss in their own way. My mom had a mass dedicated, lit candles and was in mourning for a pet she watched a few times a year.

When my dad passed suddenly, his dog sat by the gate waiting for him to come home, slept in a secret, pilfered nest of his laundry, and would check - years later and after the move -by scratching the front door until the new owners answered if it was walked By the property.

It’s a two way relationship - where they trust us with everything they have or can offer.

To me, it’s simply proof of a life well lived.

Your little guy really is in a different place; so is mine. It’s not better - little sheet lived like royalty - but it’s natural. It’s their time.

It hurts.


There’s a Nobel prize out there for someone that makes pets immortal.


I totally believe that animals have feelings, wants and needs outside of just the basics.
I’m sorry for your loss too.


After three years of struggle and might, my little Milu said goodbye today. Feline Leukemia is a treacherous disease, but I’m proud of the sweetest cat I’ve ever had in my life.

She had a short yet inspiring life, teaching me and my girlfriend how to be happy with simple things. I’ll miss her, said goodbye in Rio de Janeiro, while I’m in the USA buying things for my future babies. I never had a chance of saying goodbye, and that hurts.

I’m devastated.


I would put my heart on your post, but I’m out of them for the moment. I’m sorry you lost yours too. My heart is with you.



She’ll be cremated, I’ll buy a pendant to carry part of her ashes, she’ll be a part of me forever. My little angel (she weighed only 7 pounds, a very small cat), my eternal happiness. She’s resting in peace, playing and running again in heaven.


My deepest condolences, @Bruno82. :bouquet:.

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Latest E&P named shelter kitty Kadilen has been adopted :slight_smile:


Waiting for WE refill…


Sad news … Grumpy Cat has passed away at the very young age of 7 from complications of a UTI.

The cat world won’t be the same without his cheerful little face. My sympathy goes out to his owners and friends.

Let’s give our cats an extra hug today … well, only those who want one, and if they’re ready for one, and if we look at them with longing and love, and …


RiP Grump and keep smiling :wink:



Ten weeks old Loki. A friend of mine got this cute kitten from a local farm.


Ohhhh!!! Adorable!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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Your baby’s TLC is all you want when you realize you don’t have iron to update your SH and then realize it will take 2 more days for the barracks to finish upgrade AND you don’t have a 2nd builder AND your allergies are giving you hell…



Proteus Cat will make you pay…


Poor baby!!!


Why you do this kitty like that…its awful​:rofl::rofl::rofl: Vixx you’re hilarious.

When you finish the event, trial and rare quest before the timers run out

(Btw - for those asking-- still have loads of pups, that thread is just a bit tough to read atm)


Tabitha Catherine, aka Tabitha Warrior Princess, no fly or bug is safe from her. She assists me in loosing games by swatting my fingers and tapping the keyboard. She is a 14 month seal tabby point Birman.



Leveling that blue 5* - Day 3


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