The fastest nerf

There are values assigned to the odds!
And those are stars…
Legendary odds
Epic odds
Take current Legends Portal for example:

Give it another year. That future Hotm continue with bigger stats and more passives or whatever. Could it be…that a card like Aeron
Another 5* is grossly underrated when compared to future Hotm. Let alone current ones.

Could an argument be made that this imbalanced material is skewing those odds?
Diluting the value that players believe to be…

They pull Aeron and cringe. Then buy $99 worth of gems and go again…

Any audits will likely show the percentages are accurate. But when looking closer at the material that is claimed to be the same value.
Something like this:

That’s where the percentages for the odds become FALSE
Where heroes like Gravemaker made millions!
Moving forward, those odds are…

Getting worse!
Getting farther from the disclosed numbers

So then… the defense gets to speak.
Do you know what they will point at?

Effing costumes…
And brilliant

But… those only buy time.
When buff costume threads start gaining traction, like they already are…

I would rethink the accuracy of those odd disclosures

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That’s not nearly enough data points to prove anything. Let’s looks deeper at the statistics.

Depending on the portal, the odds of getting a featured 5* hero is usually 1.0%. (Some portals are more, some are less, but we’ll go with the typical 1.0%) With a 1% chance, the odds of pulling 250 times and NOT getting a single featured 5* is 8.1%. Furthermore, if you do ten batches of 250 pulls, the chance that one of them will be all duds is 57%. For comparison, C.Kadilen’s dodge fails 55% of the time. So yeah, it’s going to happen to you sooner or later.

While your outcome is certainly rotten luck, it is also not as rare a possibility as you seem to think. Really think about that. Nearly one out of ten people will get the same outcome, on average! When the odds are 1%, that means the likelihood you can pull 250 times and get nothing is over EIGHT times greater than the odds you’ll pull once and get a featured hero. And look how many players post to the forums showing the shiny new 5* they got with a single lucky pull. Now you know the sad truth: for every one of those, there are many, many more who ended up as disappointed as you were.

Again, if you think you are the only one who has had a dry spell, I assure you that you aren’t. It took me over 400 pulls before I got my first 5* ninja. But, over time, that bad luck has been balanced by good luck elsewhere. In the end, the Law of Large Numbers means it will converge to the posted odds, but not necessarily right away. Reaching convergence with the posted odds requires literally many thousands of trials.

This is why @PlayForFun is constantly telling people to set a budget and stick to it. The odds are terrible, and therefore most players will have an overall terrible experience summoning. Every possible warning has been given on the forums, over and over again. The promised odds are terrible and you should expect SG/Zynga to deliver on that promise. And after all these warnings, don’t blame them for any lingering unrealistic expectations you may have. They told you the odds, players here in the forums have tried over and over to make it clear what they really mean, and it is up to each of us to learn, understand, and internalize just how bad they really are.

I will point out that all the above is not me cheerleading for or defending SG/Zynga. What I’m saying is, out of all the valid things you could rightly criticize them for, suggesting that they aren’t accurately following through on their terrible odds isn’t one of those things.


@GeeWally @Math-Teacher

External auditors focus only on the corporate financials. They do not audit the gaming algorithms. They are not specialists in that area. They ensure that the reported numbers are as factually accurate as possible.

As in $1m in a bank account is actually represented by $1m cash in bank via a bank confirmation. At a point in time.

Or that a physical asset actually exists and that it’s current valuation is relevant at that point in time.

Or a brand goodwill valuation is still relevant at that point in time.

Or a liability is fairly stated at that point in time. Or all liabilities that are conceivable are included in or at least reported as contingent.

Gambling establishments need a gambling licence to operate. That’s from the gaming commission or whichever government authority is in charge of issuing gambling licences. Licensees must abide by the TnC of that licence and must accept periodic audits as dictated by the gaming commission. These audits focus on licensee’s operations. It’s more of an internal audit.

This game does not require a gambling licence to operate. Therefore it is not subject to the Gambling Act or similar in any jurisdiction that it is available in.

Who therefore monitors that the gaming algorithms are “fair” ? That the “random” element is appropriately “random”. That there is no account “seeding” or “rigged summon portals”. As far as I know, no external party has the right to oversee this game’s summon algorithms.

And summons are the bread n butter for this type of games. Summons is the main revenue earner for this game. At least 75% or more of their monthly revenue, which is hovering around US$21m (averaged over last 13 months)

I am from Singapore. Gambling establishments are heavily regulated. I can’t even step foot in a casino in Singapore without paying an entrance fee per entry or without buying an annual subscription. The entry fee is S$100 per entry or S$2000 per year (it’s increased by now). If this game has a gambling licence, I wouldn’t download it cos I would have to pay to play it. And the SG government will be looking over my shoulder to see what I do in that game.

The closest I get to a “casino” for free are those slot rooms in private clubs. Those require a licence too, and are monitored.

The SG government has blocked Casino apps from operating in SG. They are not allowed to be hosted by Apple or Google playstores. Gamblers get their fix by either using VPN or some other access route.

So this game, while it has gambling aspects, more rather than less, doesn’t need a gambling licence to operate in Singapore. It’s in a very grey area. Skirting on the fringes. I don’t know if anyone has reported this game genre to the authorities, but it was in the news a few months ago. And the SG Government knows about the social ills associated with this game genre and is looking into this matter. What happens in the future is anybody’s guess.

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All gaming (gambling) is indeed regulated to assure the odds are as stated.

I could be wrong.

But I’m pretty sure China is the only one with loot box odds regulation. Easy enough for SG to obtain that market and show odds everywhere without rewriting servers.

So even if imbalanced material is skewing odds.
You would need to be Chinese to argue that case.

However… if that resulted in a payout to those customers, That would qualify as a “precedent” everywhere else.

You can spend whatever you want, however I would encourage others not to. It is not worth being deceived by Zynga. And at this time, because I have already started the proceeding thus no more comments, the only thing I can say is, I hope the rest of players will join together to sue Zynga for deceptive and unconscionable practice. Good luck to everyone else out there! As for me, I soon will be pleased with the settlements.


Yeah. Games are regulated in China. Need a licence.

Not sure about the TnC for a licence; restriction on playtime (not exceeding 3hrs or something like that) and age limit are the usual suspects.

As for the rest, not sure.

will C. Guardian Panther break Kalo record for being the fastest? Let’s wait. :joy:

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I think as it is a Legendary costume less people will have it so it will take longer time until it is nerfed…

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yes I think so too, hail to the king Kalo… :laughing:

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CGP is top contender to take the crown from Kalo…


They heard me…

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Agree CGP probably the next nerf.
Just look at this


"Oh but it’s such a pathetic hero on defense
It’s only good for offense nom nom nom nom

Have they been selling that much aether?!

You know this person didn’t save all aether for this moment. There are 5 maybe 6 other lb dark legendary in that roster.

Yo @yelnats_24
How many LB dark legendary you got?

Just trying to gauge how much aether they have been selling. No need for math :innocent:

Dark Aether? Only 9. Used 5 on a hero, 4 remaining. I don’t get enough dark and ice legendary aether from source other than Mirage of Omega (1 each)… holy and fire had decent number (4 each) outside of that quest while nature got 2.

You have 1 LB dark Legendary then?

Do you suppose there are rosters with 12 or more? 12x5 would be 60 LB legendary.

I am very surprised to see 3 brand new legendary dupes lb’d. That’s a lot of aether!
I know it was not saved… meaning they have other dark legendary already broken. I know because… those are brand new dupes. This is not the result (or behavior) of saving eht.
Aether would be no different!

@JGE : Thanks for your comment…I ended :rofl: seeing who you found to share here…
For entertainment sake… here is a video for you :

I met two such teams yesterday & with what happened… I got a contrary feeling about the CGP nerf bit… when it comes to defence
CGP on Offense will be crazy…!
Maybe, that expected nerf might not happen, after all !


If you find again, can you let Panther fire a skill? Showing enemy fire one skill and getting wiped while dropping f-bombs, (Thank goodness my child isn’t here) is not uncommon right? This is cornerstone of the debate that defenses are wiped in 6 tiles anyway… by balancing trends that say “Godlike” offense is perfectly acceptable, supported by rosters that have no concern for odds.

I always like @Mr.Spock videos because he often intentionally allowed defenses to play out. And then on 3rd re-match, he would obliterate just like you.
This way his audience is larger group and can appreciate how a defense will behave against lesser rosters. By actually seeing what the defense can do.

Reality for many, just got wiped by unrealistic roster that most don’t have. Let’s see what Panther can really do!

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While I appreciate you suggestion, seeing those 2 teams with 3 CGPs, I had no intention to try out a Spock-type hero test. It would have been futile & not achieved any purpose with 3 CGPs firing one after another.

  • I chose to enjoy the hits & the teams I took worked out…
  • I shared it for entertainment purpose on my channel.
  • Yes, there is one clear learning, 3 CGPs on defence are easy to whack, as one can colour stack, so those both defences were more brag-defences and not functionally tenable ones.
  • If there was only one CGP on defence, it would have been a bit of a challenge… especially the team with 2 taunts !

If I remember (been long since I saw any of his videos) Spock does his specific hero-test with one copy of that specific hero on the opposite side and I will do that same whenever I come across one CGP :wink:
I am sure Spock will do a CGP video soon as she is a hot topic !

Thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:

I don’t think so… I do have 3 fire 5* LB but that was because I’m a bit lucky with red (and there were already 3 quest for red). I don’t think the aether offered have reach 45 5* aether per color… I could be wrong though as I always close offer without reading how much aether was there.