The fastest nerf

Who is the hero who got the fastest nerf after SG officially released him/her?

Will be Kalo who is now in beta being tested

Otherwise think it’s Azmia. <3 weeks post release.


let’s note for Kalo. he is officially released on May 12, 2022, let’s wait for the date when he will get nerf. :sweat_smile:



We know the timeline for Azmia. :rofl::joy:


Currently it’s Azmia

However, that may change soon with the nerf being tested for Kalo

We need to wait and see

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Will be Kalo, after Kalo I don’t care anymore. Time to quit, because in my opinion the developers are only thinking money with new hero releases.


Maybe Staff will wait with Kalo Nerf until Version 49 is released and forced so begining of June (6th is my guess).
So probably Azmia will still be the fastest one.

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That’s what I think too. It’s very unusual for Kalo to be nerfed on his own. Smacks of emergency nerf similar to that for Tell n Vela.

Your the winner! Now you get Azmia as a prize lol.

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let’s count guys,

azmia : first introduced on April 25, 2022 then get nerf on May 13, 2022, meaning that the period is only 18 days. (please correct me if i miscalculated)

Until now (May 20, 2022), the fastest nerf record holder is Azmia. :trophy:


Sounds about right.

Kalo released May 12.
As of today (May 20 for me) : 9 days
Number of days to 6 June : 17 days

At best 26 days or sooner

Nothing beats Azmia yet.

Thank you. She’s crying in the corner right, wringing her hands and bewailing her fate. Confused why she has been singled out when there are stronger 4*.

with both of these it is so bizarre. released for only 1 week for Kalo, about 3 weeks for Azmia… how many data points do they have? how many people have already summoned AND maxed these heroes and are using them?

like… slow down, SG!

If half of the players uninstall the same day the nerph drops, that would be the fastest riposte nerph.


I suspect that enough will exit once the axe drops even if most of us did expect a nerf of some sort.

It’s the way that SGG manages their business that is galling.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Caveat emptor.

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Any chance you’ve been keeping track of daily activity numbers for users? After a Nerf, does the number precipitously drop?

SGG keeps DAU n MAU metrics. Part of their daily Bible.

We no have access to that.

There’s another thread that monitors participation in challenge events, MT, NT, ToM and now W3K.

W3K is a good broad gauge for participation. Easier to gauge too. @PlayForFun will share his guess towards end of W3K.

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Small giant should stop and think very carefully before proceeded with their proposed Kalo nerf or any other that has not proven to severely effect their product over some lengthy period of time. They advertised one hero and immediately started testing a change after countless people spent $$$ to get the one they advertised. This is fraud and bait and switch. Here in NY for one (and many other places) there are laws that protect against these sort of shady business practices. The onus is on the developer to do their due diligence before advertising and selling a product or service. If they want to refund all purchases due to an error in their estimation this would be acceptable, but what they are doing is fraud in many places.

You are encouraged to read the Terms of Service (ToS) agreement. They retain the creative control to alter game functions as they see fit.

I agree that it is wrong and consider it unethical. But would need to see a successful verdict against them to say it is fraud due to the ToS.