The Fantastic Core

We are full, but have a waiting list. If you’re interested in joining a great alliance that likes to kill titans and war, we might have a spot for you. We have only a couple of requests that you hit the titan (3+ flags) and use all flags if opted in for war. Line id is terry_son or fewfew1. We would be happy to chat with you. ~4300 tp and 6 solid war teams. Welcome to contact us on line.

We will chat with anyone that fits this criteria. We enjoy the game and want to keep it interesting for people without a TON of PRESSURE. Just hit the titans daily and use all war flags or opt out. The rest is up to you, and have some fun, which after all is the point of playing a game.

Seriously contact me on line, id terry_son or fewfew1. We are a solid top 1k allince bounce from 500-1200 killing 11-12* titans. Need a fairly strong bench too.

I am bumping this once a week so it doesn’t disappear. You are welcome to respond here too, I get on here at least a couple times a week.

We are casually active. We are a top 1k alliance and have been for the past year, We fight 11/12/ occasional 13* titans and use all flags in war. We don’t push you too spend or to use a lot of mats on titans, and we normally get 2nd tier harpoons on titans. Line me @terry_son if you are interested in joining us when we get an open spot.

Terry_son is my line id if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

I just love talking to myself, nobody else is even commenting here and so far nobody has added me on line. Oh well, if you see this leave a comment and contact me on line. Id in previous posts.

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