The Family Jewlz - 5 spots available!


Have you got the stones to come and hang with The Family Jewlz as we shoot for the top 100?

24/30 - five spots open (1 reserved for a recovering friend)

This is an invite only alliance. We are extremely active and riotous group. What we are looking for is someone who is looking to join an alliance that is targeting joining the Top 100 Global Alliances. Using all war flags and titan flags are a must as we look to kill early and kill often.

We are killing 11* titans with our depleted numbers and are looking forward to killing 12* titans and beyond. The meek need not apply. You should reach out to myself through this forum or Doolie22 in Line app for more information about war strategies, alliance culture, or any other questions.

We are looking for someone that has war-ready teams and is ready to inflict at least 100k damage on any titan they face. If you are looking for an intensely fun and irreverent group that takes no prisoners we really want to talk to you asap! Jewlzbaby is our founder and our biggest cheerleader. We would prefer the newest nut to be at least 18 years old and not shy with the adult humor. Jewlz is on Line and her name is jewlz7. Feel free to reach out to her or Doolie22 in Line or myself here for any questions. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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