The Expert Challenge continues!

Frankly, I don’t know. Haven’t set any date. We’ll see…

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Progress (4.2.2019): I have reached the magical 2600 gems today! (a bit under 4 months of playing)

Gems: 2605
Level: 28
Stronghold level: 17
Raid wins: 483
Highest titan damage: 44,351
Unfarmable ascension items: 41 (+6 given to Tiburtus)
Summon tokens: 53
Epic troop tokens: 6
Epic hero tokens: 3
Atlantis Coins: 123
Raid flasks: 7
WE flasks: 17
Titan flasks: 7
Loot tickets: 132
3* heroes: 21 different heroes (15 maxed)
4* heroes: 2 Tiburtus (maxed), Skittleskull

I have already opened Season 2 and currently enjoy farming in 1-1 there.

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My Defense Team:


6 is right edited

Like the formation gunnar/kailani + brienne is the bomb.

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it’s six actually… four trap tools, one compass and one fine gloves…


I think the six are four trap tools, one compass, and one fine gloves.


You are all 3 right :slight_smile: since I have enough I dont count them(compass gloves) anymore :crazy_face:


I’ve already beaten a team with 3300 power with this one. And farming Season 2 stage 1-1 is sooo easy with this team (on autoplay).

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The midnight stages (4-6) - autoplay :smile:

This is great. Congratulations! I hope you add to your 4* stock and even get some 5* with those gems.

Congratulations on the Highest Titan Damage. That looks exceptionally good for the level you’ve got the account at.

Can I ask what your progress in Series 1 is?

You know I recommend Season 3-4 and 3-8 for folks looking to fill a fire chest. Roughly what TP would someone need to do this? How about to auto this?

(If offtopic, I’m happy to move!)

I think 16-4 or 16-5 somewhere.
Honestly I don’t think I will use the diamonds anytime soon.

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I would not recommend a stage worth 6 energy for filling a fire chest but I would say 2800-2900 TP is OK for Season 2, 3rd Province. You probably have to do these stages like 13 times (78 energy).
It is more about composition than TP.
Brienne is a huge plus, spirit link special is great to have and some ramming pulverizer is a must too + a healer. Really there is only one free slot…

Just read through this, this is fascinating lol. Thanks for sharing and continuing the updates.

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It’s in comparison with the other S1 locations for fire chest and the energy /TP reqs there.

I won’t take any more room here, just check your PM on Line in an hour :grin:


and that is an aoe like colen, or better agwe since he’s faster and he is blue (i think :thinking:)

Yeah the last spot is very good for an all enemies damage dealer with damage over time as a bonus.

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i would like to know too if a better spot other than 4-1 is good for fire (4 my guide :wink: )

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this sounds way too cool actually! Good luck

In both 3-4 and 3-8 stages of Season 2 you are guaranteed 11 red heroes. Most of the time you will get 12, some time 13 with maximum being 14 red monsters. Definitely better than 20-4 where you get 11 every time. 4-1 of Season 1 is very unpredictable so depending of what your strategy is, XP wise, I don’t see the Season 2 stages as a bad option. 14 runs is a guaranteed chest, 13 runs a strong possibility and 12 runs the best (lucky result), 11 runs seems impossible. So expect to spend 72-84 energy depending on your luck.


Thanks! Much appreciated! :bowing_man:
Guide updated! :white_check_mark:

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