The Expert Challenge continues!

  1. Never use a gem
  2. Never buy anything
  3. Never craft (except for missions which give gems) = 1080 minor healing potions in Forge lvl 1
  4. Never use a token
  5. Never use a flask
  6. Never use an Atlantis Coin
  7. Never use a loot ticket
  8. Never go beyond 8-7 (cancelled on 13.1.2019 - need scabards to ascend 4* heroes).
  9. No VIP PASS

New profile set on 10.10.2018 (all tokens will be used on 24.12.2018)

Progress (24.12.2018) final stats:

Gems: 1925
Level: 25
Stronghold level: 14
Raid wins: 366
Highest titan damage: 18,676
Unfarmable ascension items: 32
Summon tokens: 163
Epic troop tokens: 8
Epic hero tokens: 3
Atlantis Coins: 70
Raid flasks: 4
WE flasks: 12
Titan flasks: 5
Loot tickets: 84
3* heroes: 17 different heroes (11 maxed)
4* heroes: 0 (finished 4 trainings in TC lvl 14, all gave a 3* hero)



Why would I do this?

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so basically you started a f2p account and you’re going to save resources until xmas eve then blow them all and see how you progress?

Exactly, yes. It is gonna be fun!


Wow… what a boring way to play.

Yeah when you are level 55 you get bored. Having additional accounts where you try things like that is actually fun for you.


Ok nais tu nou… charrrrrrracters

I’m actually very interested to see how you go.

If it’s going to be a Christmas splurge, make sure you aren’t on the naughty list.

Hope the interest and discipline holds steady :wink:


I’m interested to know where the initial 545 gems came from?

I already gained those by playing. There is a lot of easy missions right at the beginning. You get 50 gems just for logging in using facebook and I think you start with like a 100 gems. And as you can see I have been playing for 10 days already.

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Fair enough. I was only asking because I know how rare gems are as you progress in the game. 30 (or so) a day without VIP is almost impossible the longer you play.

Good luck with the experiment! I’ll be following…

How goes the experiment, @Pois1?

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It is actually more entertaining than the real thing. No stress at all. I really enjoy it.


Final stats on Christmas morning! (see above)
I am going to use the tokens in the evening.
It’s been an incredible ride!


@JonahTheBard @FishDreams @Rook
RESULTS (163 summon tokens):

1* hero 45x (27,6%) 32%
2* hero 55x (33,7%) 31,3%
1* troop 27x (16,6%) 16,0%
2* troop 29x (17,8%) 15,7%
3* hero 4x ( 2,5%) 3,3%
3* troop 3x ( 1,8%) 1,7%

I think I was quite lucky concerning the numbers.
Percentages in parentheses are my pulls, the other percentage is the probabilty set by SG.

Took me an hour to use all the tokens!

PS: from the 8 epic troop tokens I got one 4* troop (good), and from the 3 epic hero tokens I got Renfeld, Prisca and Tiburtus.
4 epic hero tokens used on 1.5.2019 in hope to get Margaret:
Got: Berden, Gormek (great), Carver, Gan Ju + Margaret (wow!!!). Saved the fifth token for later.

The absolute winner of the pulling orgy was Tudan and Hikaru (8 times) and absolute looser was Zudak and Sharan (1 time).
I pulled no 1* red Barbaric Fighters Troops and no 2* holy Exalted Monks. All the other 18 troop types I got at least twice.

After%20tokens%20used After%20tokens%20used2


Thanks for sharing the results @Pois1. It’s fascinating

The three things that stand out for me are the amount of gems, i’m genuinely surprised it is this many. And 32 unfarmable mats is unexpected as well.

And congrats to you for getting so many 3* heroes levelled in this time with the restrictions you placed on yourself.

This is a really valuable experiment for new players who want to play cheap or free.


Getting a four star from just 3 pulls is a good result.

It’s great to see your stats alongside the SG stats


I have decided to go on with the challenge with the same restrictions.
I will post my progress here along with interesting pictures etc.
Profile name changed to: The Collector

I will keep you posted from time to time…


ill be watching :thinking:


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When do you plan to use your next batch of collected tokens?