The Enigma Storm HS1 [25/30] - 12* Titans are hit 'n' miss... Can you help us take 'em down?

Looking for active members for both Titans & Wars. We’re a diverse group with 1700-2700 cups, levels 35-75. Participation more important than having the latest shiny hero. 2000 cup joining minimum.

War: optional but must use flags if opted in. We run coordinated tanks, currently Nature/Green. After that it’s ‘make every flag count’, so no strict timing required. (we’re based across multiple time zones)


Chat with us, learn from more experienced players and we welcome your tips too. Line group optional

We’ve joined The Storm family! So easy to change between friendly alliances according to your activity and power levels! :muscle:t4:
Search “HS1” in game and you can find the full range from casual to 4400TP+

@EasyRyder - I am looking for a new alliance after this upcoming war, and it sounds like your alliance might be a good match. I wanted to check if y’all have a certain color tank that y’all use for war and if there are any Line/Discord requirements.

Anything else that someone new should know going in?

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Hi @tannman07 , we’re currently set for nature tanks but don’t have 100% like that anyway so flexibility is possible! Who would you use?
No requirement for Line but some of us actively use it.
Use all flags in war and opt-out when real life takes over! Regular Titan hits required.
Oh, and enjoy is definitely a requirement!

For green tanks, I would go with Kingston flanked with c. Magni. I would have to figure out who to slot in for rush wars (I am working on c. Kadilen currently - maybe Horghall [I know waste of tonics but Horghall got me thru S1] would get the nod with Isarnia on flank for rush wars).

Those requirements sound ideal for me (esp the enjoy portion). I will head on over after this war has completed if that is okay.

That sounds better than my tank options!
We’re invite only so make your request. Are you same name in game?

Yes, I have the same name in game as on the forum. See y’all in about 18 hours.

Don’t hang about Tannman, we’ve had a busy couple of days and we’re now just 2 spots free!

I’m in. Thanks again!

Surprised ourselves by filling up so soon but we will post again when ee have some new openings

So, we’ve hit the aim of taking down 10*s with wonderful new players… but we’re hit and miss on the elevens. Can you make the difference?

Noh! Full again and enjoying chatty new members! We’ll update again if places come free as we check all members keeping active.

Ok, 1 space now available. We seem to manage 11 :star:s at 3.3M HP fine but the 12s are kicking our butts!
We just won our last war with all flags used so if you’re a flag user then you’re welcome to join!

Well that took 1 day to fill!

Spoke too soon, this one got away, can you help?
3 spots available

Our recent Fireblade giant needed some flasking but job done!

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Our best so far, taking down a 12* rare :grinning:

We’re back down to 11*s because we’re missing a few but that didn’t stop us winning our last war!
So come join us to share the loot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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