The enhanced shield heroes are bad

Change my mind.

All of these Valhalla heroes that increase the damage of a particular shield color, seem…well, terrible.

You have to spend all of the shields to get the special charged but then you’re out of shields to enhance. Ummm what? Lol.

Ratatoskr works great

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So the heroes are terrible because your boards are terrible?
I just lost six raids in a row because the needed tiles didn’t show up to charge my specials. By that logic, my whole raid team is garbage.

In my opinion, there aren’t really bad heroes… ok, Dawa maybe… but there are definitely a lot of players who don’t really know how to use certain heroes.


They are for sure terrible in some scenarios while they excel in other scenarios. Ratatoskr is among the best heroes you can bring vs a blue titan.

I was thinking about whether they could make good flanks…

Jot flanking a red tank would potentially mean that all the blue stacked tiles would be less effective.

But I think he’s slow, which isn’t ideal.

Might be good on rush attack, but that’s a bit niche.

Offensively the heroes are good, it just takes time to charge them and allow more tiles to get on board. It’s about timing the special at the right point and adds interest and another level of play.

Defensively I dont think they will do well in general

They do seem to be picking the right time to use especially on the 3* as that’s all they do except aoe but you wanna max the most out of it.
I use anemmoa and sometimes wait on her before ghost but least she fast mana or in ghost can’t get hit or get lucky with a influx of tiles on the last turn.
Ratatoskr does look cool but don’t he heal aswell and do other stuff so there that on the bonus side on using them early.

At the very least, they are good vs Titans if you time the special properly.

It’s the same dilemma as with Ameonna. Charge her special with dark tiles and boost her normal attack in ghost mode. But you used all the dark tiles to boost her. Or wait a turn or two to clear out the non-dark tiles and then fire her special and use the (hopefully) replacement dark tiles.

Or charge her with mana pots.


@Dudeious.Maximus and @nevarmaor beat me to the Ameonna comparison (mine is up to +12).

It’s more board and timing dependent then most specials, but in the right circumstances it can be more devastating than most specials. Like so much else in this game, it’s your comfort level with risk/risk aversion. I prefer to swing for the fences or take a go big or go home mentality in raids so heroes with some risk, or unreliability, but high upside get play from me pretty often.

At least he gains mana after he shoots, he’s one upped Ameonna there! :laughing:

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This is true. It takes a LOT of dark tiles to be effective with Ameonna. :laughing:


Nice got mine at +18 she can be fun. But you can ghost to get her into ghost easier in situations and hope you get lucky.
These are such as you need to wait to pick your spot and could end up dead if you wait to much for a good time to fire…

Could you explain this? I just see a demand for 10 green tiles and then an increase in tile damage, but only for tiles currently on the board, if it was increase to all green tile damage for x number of turns that would be much better. I guess he’s helpful in titans right before you use a green diamond or a 3 stack to the weak spot…after using mana potions to get him up, you can get a benefit I guess?

I could also see use for him as a flank on defense for a blue tank as he would reduce green tiles effectiveness. But again, it’s so incredibly situational, I’m just left wondering what’s the point?

There are too many heroes who are almost always good, verses these heroes who are only good on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so long as there is a full moon, and the first cherry blossum
Has blossomed and a bee weighing at least 1 ounce is the first to land on the fresh flower during a gentle spring rain…lol.

Only assuming that you always need to cast special immediately what isnt true, also at titans to have good score you need to mana pot buffers anyway so i dont see a problem.

Because that means he has nearly 0 uses for any pvp content. I guess the 42% average heal
Is okay. But there are again other heroes who do every part of that better. :confused:

Which 5 star green hero at average speed does it better?

Only need a 4* rigard and costume rigard offer consistently more than Rat.

Costumed rigard isnt green and isnt 5 thats useless comparison.
In green stack you dont have time to charge 9 dark tiles using your logic

But I’m not talking about just rat, I’m talking about all of the enhanced shield heroes. Especially since some of them are slow. If they were all fast/very fast this would be a completely different discussion.

If rat for example was very fast but only healed 20% while maintaining his increased shield damage. He would be a great hero. But right now it feels well…klunky.

Yeah some of them suck.
I dont think game needs more just plain overpowered “telluria” mechanics.
Increased shield damage requires planning and more skill than just match 9 and blow enemy face.

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