The End For Me - Another Farewell Topic

I am not great at writing, so, ignore if it’s all over the place…

Last night was the end for me, I decided to spend more money on the S3 offers and did 30 pulls, resulting in my a Sonya and Stonecleaver. It made me feel sick to have spent so much money and to realise I had spent £160+ in April alone (pennies to a lot of you, i know). To me, this is a huge amount of money, the money I do not have to just throw away in a game (or life) of any kind. It’s 2 weeks of rent for me or 6 weeks of groceries.

Sadly, I have to admit I am addicted.

I joined E&P on July 1st 2019, which is 651 days of gaming. Of course, at first, I wouldn’t have been playing so much each day, and maybe not for the first 6 months.
In total, I have played 4,792 minutes on this game. That’s 7.4 hours per day, every day, that includes those first months where it would not have been so bad.

I think when you are playing 7hrs or more on a mobile game and then also spending money you do not have (I worked out it’s about £95 per month since starting to play), we can finally agree and call it an addiction and need to just quit cold turkey.

For a while I kept saying I won’t buy more offers, I won’t spend money, I will reduce my playtime, yet none of that happened because, yep, addiction and added to that, new shiny heroes being added.

I literally, fully stopped enjoying the game as with many others. And the only reason I continued playing was that gamble of maybe getting a new shiny amazing 5*, or just for the sake of doing something with my time. I was checking my phone every 5 minutes, I couldn’t even enjoy regular life (not even something simple like tv or movies - I’d be watching then after 5 mins I would “have” to pick up my phone and check it).

The RNG for everything in this game is TOO much and really needs to change. I understand SOME needs to exist to make everything more challenging and fun, that I agree with. We have become too accepting and “fine” with everything being RNG. Everyone’s answer to everything “that’s RNG for you”. So, we are the ones to blame for things being so bad and odds being terrible because we accept it and respond with that constantly.

Anyway, hopefully, one day it will change and improve for everyone.
I am hoping now with it being spring and soon summer, it’s a good time that I have quit and I can go do something else instead of staring at my screen as soon as I wake up and before I fall asleep.

Thanks to everyone who has ever helped, and this community is truly the best I have ever had the honour of being around, everyone is very selfless in helping one another and teaching, going above and beyond with your research and stat tracking, etc.

Thanks to We Are Groot for allowing me into their alliance and letting me annoy them daily :laughing:
@Guvnor @Gregor.Jax (I can’t remember anyone else’s tags for the forum, sorry haha).

If anyone is feeling at all like how I do/did, then I would also suggest doing the same as I have and just quitting the game. As they say in gambling “When the fun stops, stop!”.

Take care all and try to enjoy what you can in the game, if you can.


A great first step but I strongly advise you seek some additional help. Uninstalling is a start only, you need to get some help on how to keep away. Addictions aren’t that easy to walk away from and it’s easy to fall back in without a support network and coping methods.

I wish you the best of luck dude. Step 1 is seeing and admitting the problem. Step 2 onwards needs some help.


A post that should resonate with a lot of players. That you recognised, and addressed, your addiction is a credit to you.

Good luck and best wishes to you in all your future endeavours. :slightly_smiling_face:


Which is very true and some of this help is available from the devs. They’ll fully delete your account if you request it via a support ticket.

I apologise for repeating this in multiple threads, but players aren’t aware of this option, and as @Cheds says, uninstal alone doesn’t always break the cycle.


Not much to add…

Well done in recognising the issue. As Cheds says, get additional support.
All the best.

The first step to face a problem is recognising that you have a problem.

I hope you can get rid completely of this game with the advices of @Cheds and @Dr-Zoidberg.

I wish you the best and happiness in this “new life”.

Take care. :hugs:


Best of luck @notyou87! We started at just about the same time playing EnP, and while I consider myself fairly active, here you are a full 10 levels above me. LOL. You were also always the first to finish the events (like seriously, all tiers in one day!?) and complete map stages. And definitely a consistent A to A+ scorer on titans. We’ll miss you buddy but at the same time we’re glad to know that you’re happy with the decision. Stay well and safe!


Anyone who thinks ‘This is sad, but personally I am not affected!’ should think twice about it. Anyway, I will do that in the next few days.


Good move. Congrats on taking this first step to reclaim your life. I am on my way out too.


Thanks for sharing your story @notyou87 with honestly and sincerity, but also helping the E&P community. I’m sure the sentiment of your post, will resonate with others and will help them immensely.

I wish you success in future endeavours. Be well.


Leaving this game is probably the best achievement you will get from this game. and will make feel tones better and bank account healthier. Good times ahead for you bud. THIS WILL BE YOUR FINAL CONGRATULATIONS YOU WILL SEE. enjoy life only liv once.


Is there no option to delete the account from in the game?

I think you can delete your progress/info in Google Play if you have your account connected to the game. I think its the option that players alone have.

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I’ll delete eat the players then delete the account.

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There was no direct link to delete the game, apart from uninstaling it. That may have changed but there wasn’t at that time. I found the option after a fair bit of digging through the support ticket menus. The devs obviously don’t want to lose any of their player base, paying or otherwise, but they will remove you from their servers if asked. I can’t fault them in that regard. :slightly_smiling_face:


We will miss you in Groot @notyou87. You were never annoying. I enjoyed our chats very much. But since this game had become a problem for you, I’m glad that you’re leaving it. I wish you nothing but the best. Enjoy your new found free time.


Enjoy your freedom.
Find help.
And most importantly, keep in mind that addiction is likely a result of isolation.
You don’t need to be alone, face this alone or feel alone at all.

And if I’m wrong just excuse me and have fun with the people around you :wink:

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Congratulations to you for having the self awareness to identify that you had a problem, and the self control to address it! Very few people are able to do all of that on their own without outside intervention. It shows great strength of character on your part. :+1:

I’ve been trying to steer people (including SG themselves) away from this gacha model that I find to be especially destructive and predatory… not away from the game itself, because the game itself is fun and innovative, but if that is just the worm on the hook to get people to overspend - as it currently stands - something needs to be done to address that. Video games are supposed to add fun to peoples’ lives… not be time and money sinks that end up worsening lives.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors (and please for the sake of all that is good, for yourself and others: do not ever download another P2W gacha microtransaction game ever again!!!)


This game is like a casino and I would challenge any of you out there to tell your alliance you are taking a 1 week full break from the game. Uninstall. Live without the game for one week. Then if you decide to return, think through your engagement in the game, what will you do, what will you definetaly note do. For example, skip “standard” chests - just to elemental, login one per day … etc etc…

I did this with facebook. I quit it for 2 years, went back, said I will never “like” anything, if I engage in a post, it is with a comment or similar… My facebook usage is now balanced and I can receive energy from it, it will not steal energy.

Good luck all of you trying to control your addiction. Mark my words, we are ALL addicted to this game. Otherwise we would not be playing it so much, it’s not THAT fun really.


Hey, buddy, I had the same identical problem as you. Anyway, I just grabbed my phone after stupid 30 pulls, uninstalled the game a month ago and everything changed for good! Life is fantastic again! :slight_smile: The funny thing is that I don’t want to come back. That addiction to this game stopped affecting me very fast (after a few days from unistalling the game, maybe a week or so). As Cheds wrote, all we have to do is to be carefull now. I can alreaady see that the additction is trying to resurect in some new form so playing any game is not reccomended for now.