The Emerald Queen's Network of Alliances is Now Recruiting

Heya folks! The Emerald Queen’s Network of Alliances is looking for new members! We’ve got two Alliances for a variety of different skill levels. Emerald Queen’s Warriors is an Alliance for seasoned players over 1800 Trophies (and preferably in the 4200+ TP range), while Ironport Academy is an Alliance for newer players to learn the ropes and train themselves to eventually join the Warriors. Both Alliances are looking for new members. We also have a Discord, and I can answer any questions. But first, a few common questions:

Q: Is your Discord exclusive for members?
A: No, it’s public! There is a members-only server, but the General Chat is open to the public. What better way to get to know potential Alliance members, right? Just ask, and ye shall receive the Invite.

Q: What are the requirements for Wars? Do you have coordinated Tanks?
A: Neither Alliance has coordinated Tanks. For the Warriors, we tend to get on at the same time, but that is by no means mandatory. If opted in, just use all your Flags, that’s all we really care about. For the Academy, anything goes. It’s meant for training, so just have fun!

Q: What is your Inactivity Policy?
A: Both Alliances operate on a 30-day grace. After 30 days, unless you’ve informed a leader of an extended absence, you’ll be kicked.

Q: My Alliance is larger and looking for members, would you like to merge into–
A: No. Begone vulture. We will not merge into another Alliance, do not ask.

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Please do consider joining us, or if you know anyone who’s looking for an Alliance, feel free to mention us!

This made me spew. :rofl:

Good luck with your recruiting

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Much appreciated :heart:. And yeah, I don’t post here often, but I learned from the Facebook groups that if you don’t wanna merge, you gotta say so outright (and even then I’ve seen people just…not notice and try anyway).

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