The Edge of Shadows Recruitinig

Hi there :slight_smile:
Things are simple. We formed an alliance made from really active and friendly people.
Why? Couse we got fed up off dragging inactive members around and begging people to use flags (War & Titan). We are not competitive in the way “we must be in the top 100” kind of alliance but, like everyone else, we enjoy knocking down titans and fighting in wars.
Right now fighting 8* Titans. Working on higher ones :wink:

We are looking for active people willing to join us and be part of our crazy family.
Players who are not just daily active but few times a day active :wink:
TITAN - 4 flags are minimum and not optional.
WAR - all flags must be used if u are on the battlefield - also joining in war is optional
Trophy - 1600
Join us. The Edge of Shadows

For further question join us right away or you can Line: 00Nihal00

Hope to see you in game :blush:

Are you still recruiting?

Yes. Just updated the topic. Are u interested in joining us?

I am. Right now I’m hovering around 2,000 trophies and 3600+ with my best team. we are doing 5 - 6 * titans but rarely have sufficient participation.

Check us out in game. U’ll see the avarege of trophys members have. To be honest usually we take down 7* titans easly but on last we had troubles. Not hidding the truth that maybe we’ll have to skip the next one. Rn 18 active members (some still growing :slight_smile: ) and we are trying to grow up again. If you decide to join us you will be more than welcome.

We are still looking for players to join our family :slight_smile:

Right now still 4 spots open :wink:

Are you still recruiting

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Yes Sir.
Still interested? Feel free to contact me on Line :slight_smile:

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