The Edge of Shadows - open spots

The Edge of Shadows is looking for new members.
We are an easy going alliance with players who been around for 2+ years.
We don’t have many requirements but we do seek for team players.

  • Fighting 14☆ titans
  • TP rainbow at least 4500
  • Minimum of 20 maxed 5☆ heroes
  • Easy war strategy
  • Coordinated tank/flanks on war

If u feel you could be a good addition to our team contact on line app: 00nihal00

Hope to see you soon :wink::face_with_monocle:

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:one: spot still open! Ready to fight with us? :crossed_swords: :

:two: Spots open after war!

:four: spots open after war!
14☆ titans. Minimum 100k damage.

:tipping_hand_woman: waiting for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:bell::bell::two: spots open :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:one: spot open! Come and become a shadow today :ghost:

:arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:
:one: spot available

Randomly :two: more spots open up!! That makes room for :three: Check us out

:one: spot open!

Room for :one::exclamation:

2 spots available. If interested drop bye or line: 00nihal00

Chaining 14☆ titans.

:two: spots open. Come and give us a try.

We have several spots open. If interested knock or line 00nihal00

:five: spots open. Come and check us out

:three: spots open! If anyone looking give us a try :partying_face:

:two: spots open! Easy war tactic. 14☆ titans.

@00Nihal00 Hope you get a recruit, I’ve seen you recruiting often lately. Join her people, they’re great peeps Good luck nihal :kissing:

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@Heim459 thank you :kissing_cat: :hugs:

It’s Terry nihal, I didn’t realize I couldn’t change the name here when I created the account.

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Up up up!!
:three: open spots