The Edge of Shadows - looking for 2

The Edge of Shadows is looking for 1 more addition to the team. Full time members who want team play and work together to advance.
Active alliance with chatty and supportive members.
We are fighting 12-13☆ titans - and looking for active titan fighters.

War is optional - if you on the field all flags must be used.

Hope to see u soon. :wink:

For more info line contact: 00nihal00

I have visited this alliance, and would consider it for my home alliance. You should too!

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Interested? Line: 00nihal00

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Room for 2 after war.
Interested? Line: 00nihal00

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We are looking only for 1!
If interested in a casual but active alliance line contact: 00nihal00

2 spots open at the Edge!
Line: 00nihal00

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2 spots open

One spot open. Interested? Line: 00nihal00

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Make it 2 :roll_eyes:

1 spot open! Interested? :face_with_monocle: Line: 00nihal00

Some members taking a break. We got 5 open spots if want to visit or join on long term.
Titans will stay on 12☆ for some time before we go back on 13-14☆.
Interested to join? Line: 00nihal00 or baz247

Plastic cheese fans?! :scream:

Bump for a nice alliance. :smile:

And apparently bbq chicken with cheese on top is a thing :scream:

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We got 2 open spots. Easy going, just do the things you have for the team :rofl:
Interested into joining us? Line: 00nihal00

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