The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary


Is that a real one??


I’m reporting it, not making it up. But I’ve got no idea how widely used it is.


I’m sure it’s despell but it just looks funny. Dispell looks right but it may be wrong :grin:


These are mundane English dictionary word, folks: “dispel” (yes, single l); “dispeller” (yes, double ll). :slight_smile:



20 dispellers.


My alliance also sometimes uses "flashing " a titan, @BarryWuzHere, thanks to @Jael and her autoerror


Yay, dispell, dispeller … looks so much better :rofl:


The phrase I use for auto-correct errors, learned from the comments on the Ilona Andrews (author) blog, is ‘auto-corrupt’. Haven’t seen it used by others here though.


I affectionately call it “Ducking autocorrect”


Nice work out there! Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t read all those comments but do I have this one ; “guin”? What it actually means? Ty


Short for Guinevere, the best tank in the game


Yes I flash those titans on a regular basis now. Never lived THAT autocorrect disaster down. Are we flasking for the titan turned into are we flashing for the titan. Now every time I get i good hit, it’s “Jael’s flashing again. That’s cheating! No wonder she got the A+”. Oi vey


What does ’ 20 characters’ mean?

I see it once in a while below some comments


A post has to be at least 20 characters long. Its just a way of posting a short thing like ‘Thanks’ but getting enough characters in the post to qualify.

You could fill up the characters with anything, but it’s entertaining to poke fun at the rule :smiling_imp:


That’s item one of the dictionary😊


I used to use “I am not a moderator.” Oh well.


Just change it to ‘I am now a moderator’ and it works :wink:


What is DPS ?

20 ch…


What’s the context - where have you seen it?


“4*, 5* Heroes DPS against titans”

“Top team is weak, to much heals and little dps. Any team with Perseus and mix of other decent 4 & 5* dps heroes would eat you up.”