The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Ooo I’d guess Damage per shield, which is more often called ‘tile damage’

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I think in this context DPS shorthand for damage dealer/damage dealing/damage oriented heroes.


DPS is gaming jargon for “damage per second”, where “damage” may be instant or over time (see DoT), and “second” is not to be taken literally; it’s frequently used in turn-based games.

When used attributively (like in “dps heroes”), it refers to the role (of the hero) as damage dealer (tiles, specials, DoT, whatever), as opposed to the roles of tank (defence/health/self-heal/dodge/block/damage reduction), healer (including cleanse?), support (buff/debuff/dispell/cleanse?), or crowd control (time stop? Mindless Atttack? not really any stun/freeze/petrify hero in E&P).

I guess DPS heroes could be further classified as AoA, DoT, sniper, or just tile damage heroes.

To the exclusion of special skill damage? That would be contrary to well-established gaming jargon, so I doubt it.

That’s more like it, yes.


A new one that has been gaining traction especially in some of the raid videos is YOLO - I think it may have started with Wu and yellow diamonds and I’m not sure if it’s an actual acronym for anything in particular. Or if it is just short hand for “oh well … I’m screwed… let’s just hit the diamond and cross our fingers!” :rofl:

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YOLO = You Only Live Once


That makes total sense. Thanks. :blush:


One I’ve seen used occasionally:
Flip - using a player special to specifcally reverse an opposing special, such as using Boldtusk’s attack boost to counter Zeline’s debuff.


Never heard that. “Flip” to me refers to flipping the board in alliance wars - killing everyone and forcing a regeneration.


What is HP? I don’t see the definition in the dictionary.


Can you tell me what pff means please?


Can you use it in a sentence?


I would expect that is health points. Does that make sense for where you’ve seen it?

I’ll add it if that is correct. It’s fairly common across gaming.


If this is a serious question I’m afraid I cannot give a serious answer …

However pff where I’m at has nothing to do with E&P and is more like a nice version of a curse word when your aggravated. Instead of cursing you blow out air and make pff sound. :woman_shrugging:t3::rofl:

That’s the only pff I know. If there is an E&P version I’m missing can someone please fill me in? I know all about Mitsubishi’s and kageburritos but no pff :rofl:


It’s used throughout the posts but I’ve never seen it explained. For instance, it’s recommended to use a hero with high HP as a tank and I really wasn’t sure if that stood for Hero Power or Health Power or something else entirely.

It seems like a worthy addition to the Fictionary!


In that instance, I believe “hp” stands for “hit points” or “health points.” Basically how much health until they die. I still don’t see pff though unless that was a typo.


HP ist health points, as seen on the above card.


Thanks. I did know the heart referred to health. I just wasn’t sure that was what players were referring to when using the abbreviation HP.

I saw somewhere players saying “hit points” so that just added to my confusion.


pff I don’t do combos.


Yer, that’s just a written representation of a snort of disdain

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Thank you very much for your help!