The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


@Paulon :+1: cause all newbie players will consider GM as shortcut of Game Master and will be confused if you said once I beat any GM its so weak…

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Thanks dude, I’ve included those I’ve seen used. Good suggestions.
And thanks for the likes :wink:

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What is mana?

How have I only now come across this thread?

  1. Kudos, kudos, kudos.
  2. Did you invent “ram sandwich”? I think you did. I hope you did.

As you are a MOD now … would you please pin your thread?
Many times I search for it to link it to a new player questioning thread and I couldn’t find it.

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Personally, I don’t like to pin threads (a few are okay but this is just a fun one). You can mark as a favorite. Hit the triple buttons and then choose the banner. Then it will show up as a personal favorite on your profile for easy navigating.

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Nice tip.
Been on forum since Dec 2017
And never know what was that banner for :rofl:

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pinned #69

I think it’s useful as a pin for new players to find easily.

You can unpin any topic for yourself, BTW. Just tap the pin icon, flipping it upside down.

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#71 only displays pinned threads once to each forum user. Once you read it, it becomes unpinned for you.

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I didn’t realize this. Thanks.

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Also one of the best bands ever…


Yes, thank you @brobb. Ram Sandwich is a little silliness to see if I could slip it into the cultural idiom. Sadly, it has not caught on :pensive:

Perhaps I will add Gatto Baffobia - the irrational fear that a cat with a moustache is watching you. And disapproves of your irrationality.


I just don’t want to hear slipping a ram sandwhich used anywhere. Sounds painful. I don’t want one of those slipped in near me.

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Flasking a titan is very much a verb.

I would note that autocorrect sometimes changes it to flashing … and many people I play with have adopted it that way intentionally…


Doing this intentionally is called streaking through AR, or just streaking.

It can be fun to do when you are between alliances knowing where you will go, not really looking for a new alliance.


Is dispeller in there and I’m just missing it? I’m trying to find the most simple way of explaining debuff and dispell to our members.

I’ve found debuff but can’t see dispell?

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Can I ask, why is F2P: Fight to Play ?

Isn’t F2P technically: Free to Play ?

I’ve never heard of Fight to Play to be honest, so I could be wrong on that, idk

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Also, idk if this would be considered one of them but a bank: when you store excess food/recruits in your TC’s


I always assumed it meant you only progress by fighting/playing/grinding extensively - nothing will drop without effort

Free to play also makes sense!

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Added, thank you :+1:

Although is it dispell or despell?