The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


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Fabulous suggestions, all added.

Hadn’t heard cookable before :thinking: but I like it.


How funny! I’ll have to start using that one as it meshes well with my names for TCs (ovens) and making new heroes (Baking). An in ‘I just put a new batch of heroes in the oven to bake :grin:


Yeah, I’m not sure if cookable started out specific to Mixed Nuts, but they are running a peer support in Line, and are out helping other places that it’s going to start popping up in odd places.

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There’s ‘GM’ or sometimes ‘Gravy’ for the HotM Gravemaker. The latter is more self-explanatory.

:crossed_swords: Hero Madness 2019 – THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Gravemaker vs. Wilbur
:crossed_swords: Hero Madness 2019 – Round 6 – THE FINAL 4! Lianna vs. Gravemaker & Mother North vs. Wilbur

Uuups. Not me. If I say AM or mats I mean any. When I Point out unfarmable I mark them with stars e.g. 4* mats. Am I so wrong? :open_mouth:


Not wrong, as long as people understand what you mean. All 4* mats are unfarmable, but not all 3* are. I guess in general chat the only time we’re discussion AM at all is in the context of scarcity, and (except perhaps tall boots and scabbards very early on) the only AM that are scarce are the unfarmable ones.


I think the definition covers it

Can mean either, but normally means unfarmable :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone else uses “Tuck” as an exclamation of disappointment when you pull a 3* hero from tc20, epic summon, elemental summon, event summon or atlantic summon?
It refers to the most hated Friar that is pulled way to often in such situations.


Yes, what is normal damage? It’s used in the description of some heroes.


Great question. “Normal damage” is damage not done by a special arrack. On offense, it’s tile damage; on defense it’s the slash attack done on the timer.


@kahree @Kerridoc added, thanks for the input :blush:

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Nekkid or nekid: when a player shows up in the Alliance Recruitment chat without an alliance and should expect to have all the recruiters jump on them like piranhas. Word variation of “naked”.


Yes, I saw that one recently. Great suggestion

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Dear @JonahTheBard ,

I came across some, … you may want to include the list of The E&P Jargon

  • TLDR or TL;DR : Too long; didn’t read.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence): A program designed to respond “intelligently” to various situations, for example the Raid and Titan opponent(s) in the game.

  • Autocorrect: A feature in many programs which automatically corrects your spelling, and even your grammar, as you type. Better switched off if you use obscure technical terms, or prefer your own interpretation of the rules of grammar, or else you are likely to find that it’s “corrected” your text to something you didn’t intend.

  • Avatar: A picture or figure representing a person in an online environment.

  • Changelog: A log or record of all notable changes made to a project or from an update.

  • Monotonous: repetitive, no variety, same old thing.

  • Off-topic or Off Topic: A message which is not relevant to a particular topic or forum. Posting off-topic messages may annoy people intensely, as they make it harder to follow the discussion properly.


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If X then Y - programmable AI

Thanks TEN, thorough as ever. I’ve integrated several of the most forum/game relevant.

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Why this and not 9/1? 9/1 has the same world energy requirement (3 points). I’m curious.


8-7 has the best recruits to flags ratio, and generally good all round loot even though the drop rate seems to be lower than it used to be.


As per @Paulon above. It also has more monsters than 9-1 so it fills a monster chest quicker.

Once you are at the stage of trying to level up high-level heroes, you can burn through hundreds of recruits in a day. Therefore 8-7 is the most well travelled!


8/7 also gives more XP than 9/1. I generally farm 6/8 though - I find the recruits ratio better there… as well as the item drops


F2P… is free to play.
PS … Peer Support a channel that you get help about game play and tactics… find it in English language Global.
GC … General chat channel
AR … Alliances Recruit channel
20 … a level 20 plus chat room
7DD … great alliance that you don’t wanna miss with.
Add those @JonahTheBard :heart: your topics.