The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Full reset in my alliance


I don’t think it happens enough to have a name!!


Sure there is… His name is…


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So should the reference by Order 66? :grin:

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Just wipe off Jar Jar will suffice, thank you.


A note on Ham:

Back in the mists of time, farmers were hired to build and run the windmills across Corellia. These simple folk loved mead and meat and raised pigs on their farms for sustenance. Over time, the sheer numbers of pigs raised and slaughtered became enormous, and the enterprising peasants made such a profit on them that the terms “money” and “Ham” became interchangeable.

Today, Corellians buy their ham directly from the windmills, where the best meat is said to be raised. They pay with simple counters, indelibly marked by a symbol of…ham. :grin:


@Rook I added ghost tiles because you mentioned it on the skill thread with the Jedi reference. Thanks!


I am amused that the first Province is Corellia, and Han Solo is a Corellian pilot. :grin:


So was Wedge Antilles - Who I believe would be my second favorite character in SW after Han Solo (slightly depressing to see Disney make a movie of his younger self, after ultimately knowing he got killed off by Emo Ren).

It appears the Pirates in this game likes to haunt and pillage Corellia too.

I had also thought Star Fox used the name too, but turns out that was actually Corneria. Game makers and movie makers were really careful about treading on others names. Guess E&P wasn’t really thinking people will find out (or perhaps cared to point out) about Corellia.

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Some things just sound familiar and you don’t know how similar till you go searching. I used to write…very easy to mistakenly name something “taken” in another story universe. :wink:

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Guide to buff icons

@Xero786 in lots of your videos you use the term ‘clutch’, which I think means an item, hero or strategy that is so good as to be indispensable e.g. “making diamonds is pretty much clutch”.

Is ‘clutch’ an E&P or gaming term worthy of adding to the fictionary or is it a word common in your area that other players don’t use.


Clutch is general American jargon, most often used in sports to mean a critical situation and/or someone who excels in such situations. A “clutch hitter” in baseball is one who hits better when the bases are loaded and the game is on the line.


Thanks :+1:

Very interesting bit of colloquialism but not e&p jargon :blush:


“clutch” is one of those interesting things that people look at in sports but forget to evaluate in context of the whole game. ie in basketball there were a bunch of star players who had more “clutch shots” ie shots when the game was within a few points less than 2-3 miners left in the game than Michael Jordan and use that
as an argument they were more “clutch”, forgetting that jordan just put so many games away in the 3rd and early 4th quarter that “clutch” wasn’t necessary that often.

or people remember one or two big “clutch” moments and forget about all the other failures (ie John Elway). it’s interesting how order matters. ie Elway lost 3 super bowls and then won 2 at the end and he’s remembered mostly as a two time winner. but if he’d won 2 early and lost 3 late, he’d be remembered as a guy who couldn’t get it done in addition to the early wins.


Elway rulez!

Btw, that’s true. Clutch factor is something so weird. If I had a minute on the clock, no timeouts and we were at the end of the Super Bowl losing by four, I’d rather have Eli Manning than Tony Romo as my QB. For the rest of the season, the opposite would be true, even though Romo is objectively a better QB than Eli (stats-wise).


Any new additions for the fictionary?

Or any jargon that bamboozles you, but is not yet included?

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The word cookable is starting to get used more.
It refers to heroes that you can train in a training camp (cookable) versus ones that players can only get through summons or bonus draws.
So Uncookable heroes would be all Heroes of the Month new or old, Atlanteans, Event or Challenge Event heroes.

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Not sure how this one got missed.

AM - Ascension Materials
Need I say more? :smile_cat:

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Or just “mats”, but yes, important term. BTW, I think in 99% of the contexts we’d use “AM” or “mats” we actually mean “Unfarmable Ascension Materials”. Not many of us have run out of dagger and sharpening stones…


Nice project!
I’ve seen “tank”, but not “flank” and “wing” to describe the team formation.
Also “flask” used as a transitive verb is pretty peculiar to this game I think e.g. Are we going to flask this titan or let it go?
In my alliance we use also “natural” to refer to titan flags loaded normally, not by flasking (intransitive form of the verb) or by leveling up, but I don’t know if its use is very common.