The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

I believe you are the captain, and he doesn’t have time to read the whole thread and cram for the jargon test. If you would be so kind as to prepare some flashcards for him for free that would be great.


OSOK? One shot one kill for AW one round kill

Tag and bag
The tag/s. The most dangerous hero/s on the oppossing team.
The bag/s. The hero/s that are best suitable to “bag the tag”.

That’s a new one on me. We use tank and tank buster

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Softener-a team used in war to damage or weaken a superior team so that the next team can have a chance at victory.

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Recently heard the term “drifter”. Not a merc (only joining to help with titan) but a player looking for a home just temporarily

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Ive used that one myself but its for the tank while this can be used from flank to flank

What does AI mean here?

  1. For defense, the AI fires charged specials from left to right. Arrange your heroes accordingly. For attacking, you choose when to fire them. Fire dispellers, cleansers, buffers and debuffers before hitters.

Artificial intelligence, the programming that dictates how an automated team fights.

Intelligence is a bit generous, it just follows a very simple set of rules - fire specials if available, then diamonds, then dragons, then match three tiles.


Oh yea, duh. Thanks!

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I believe that’s short for materials, as is ascension MATerialS

@JonahTheBard, first, thanks for the list!

Secondly, how about using ARS for Atlantis Rises, or…??
Need SOMETHING for it! :wink:

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I think just AR is pretty common now. Good call


I was just thinking that you’ve already used AR for another purpose…Alliance something or other, so AR was already “taken”?

Indeed it is, but people are using it for both!


:ok_hand::ok_hand::wink::+1: thanks for agreeing on the copy, lol

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Hi again! How about SH (stronghold) and mono?

Welcome to the English language!


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Done. Surprised those were missed. Good thinking.


:ok_hand: No problemo…it’s just a thing, LOL


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