The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

So what’s the ailment du jour for non-conforming posts in this thread? I’m thinking she’s got some Amoebic Dysentary coming at the very least…

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Fortunately for @Hrairoo, some of us are just a bit more gracious with our threads :innocent::innocent::innocent:


Hey, I picked a curable ailment.

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Sharing is caring, and I love to share with all my E&P friends!


Some of these are new and others were mentioned before but I didn’t see them on the dictionary. Thought I’d mention them again, because they’re all ones I had to Google at some point while I was playing.

SH- stronghold
GM- gravemaker
MN- Mother North
Alby- short for Alberich
Mono- short for monotone. AKA a team comprised of entirely one element often used against titans or to take out very strong tanks such as Guin
4-1, 3-1-1, or 2-2-1: team makeup based on colors. For example, 2-2-1 could be 2 strong color or element, 2 alternate color, and 1 healer of another color
Flank- the two positions on either side of the tank. (Maybe it’s just me but I was confused between flank vs wings for a while)

Thanks for making this @JonahTheBard!

Adding 1
LJ: little john


Thank you so much for this, there were a few things I didnt quite get but makes so much more sense now thanks again

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I haven’t added these yet…poke me if I forget

Also seen “Gravey” or “Gravy” for Gravemaker.

“Monotone” or “monochrome”?

Definitely not just you.


Could be monochrome too!


Just found this guide thanks to everyone’s input, my bald spot thanks you as I can now stop scratching my head trying to figure out what all the “jargon” is :grinning:


It is a great game !!

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Welcome to the game, to the Forum and to the Jargon-Pulverising Dictionary! Do you have a new entry for the Dictionary?

2Pac disagrees.

Twenty monies over the puppy thread.

In our alliance family, we use the term Elsa for a titan we are allowing to escape, in order to remind everyone to save flags for the next one


That could catch on. I like it.
:musical_note: Let it go…


Hi all, great work here!
I’m not sure if you got it all covered here but here are some terms I came across often since I started playing:

Mono - a team composed of heroes that are all the same colour regardless of rarity (i.e. it could be 5 Caedmons or any other green heroes combination from 1* - 5*).

Flip - to reset the board in Alliance Wars (defeat all opposing players before their respawn timer runs out so their teams appear again at full health ready to be attacked). Flip the board.

Farmables - all materials that are obtainable after defeating/beating a province stage on world map (Season1 and Season2) using World Energy. Not including materials that one can get from wanted missions (monster/raid/titan chests), titan loot or rare, event and seasonal quests/events (that includes 3* and 4* asencion items).

Horghall = Groot


Thanks @JaJan and welcome to the forum. I’ll incorporate these when time allows :blush:

Ppf: points per flag - average points per flag used in alliance war. Good metric to compare scores during the war.


Loved this! It is extremely helpful, as I am just getting started in the game.


Sorry, is this about this thread?


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