The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

So I had some time and went back to read the entire OP (for the first time, actually). Noticed a few updates that may be needed.

Add S3.

Also, SGG = Small Giant Games

Yeah, not anymore! Notable tanks include Telluria… and no one else. Ever.

Also, off the top of my head:

AL = Alchemy Lab

HA = Hero Academy

Telly = Telluria

JF = Jean Francois

GM = Gravemaker

GTV = Gravemaker / Telluria / Vela


Good eye! :slight_smile:

Maybe evade and withstand.

SS: special skills

Stack now has another meaning…


A fast Kashrhhrek with a support hero is really something you just want to be able to one hit (with tiles). He seems to be all over the place now (at my level) where he was absent for months… I don’t want to see a +18 Kash anymore than a +5 Telly delights me.

Can anyone tell me what TGW means??? Thank you!!

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Not 100% sure, but I think TGW is the name of one of the regulars in this forum. Seems to be a top lad.
If it’s actually ingame jargon i have to pass this one :slight_smile:


@TGW is one of our more seasoned members, super zany person :slight_smile:

Or, it can also mean:

Acronym Definition
TGW The Golf Warehouse
TGW Thousand Grain Weight (seeding)
TGW Tennessee Guerilla Women
TGW The Good Wife (TV show)
TGW Telephony Gateway
TGW Terminating Gateway
TGW Trunking Gateway
TGW Things Gone Wrong
TGW Trunk Gateway
TGW Total Gemstone Weight
TGW Terminally Guided Warhead
TGW Transportgerätewerk GmbH & Co (Austria)
TGW The Greatest Warriors (gaming clan)
TGW Tactical Graphics Workstation
TGW Terminally Guided Weapons
TGW Total Gross Weight

Let me take a guess: @TGW

Trigger Gone Wrong
… ooorrrr…
The Good Witch



The Grey Wolf. :grin:

Though other also equally acceptable interpretations include:

The Goat Whisperer
Things Gone Wrong
Terminally (mis)Guided Weapon
This Game Wronged (me)
Totally Gross Weight
The Goofy Warrior
That G********* Whiner



Great list thanks. I’ve tried scrolling through all the replies, there are lots… but can’t find :


Anybody help?

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PVE = player vs. event

Basically anything where you aren’t fighting a titan or a defense set up by another player.

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More hero abbreviations, maybe not all in wide circulation, and some possibly too obvious to include:
MN - Mother North
KGB - Kageburado
Alby - Alberich
The Rat - Ratatoskr
GJ - Guardian Jackal (also GF, GK, GO, GP, etc. ?)



What do GF, GK, GO and GP stand for?


Hey @amrath!
It’s the guardians family. :wink:

GF- Guardian Falcon
GK- Guardian Kong
GO-Guardian Owl
GP- Guardian Panther


You forgot “The Bat”… :slightly_smiling_face:

Often overlooked and neglected (probably for ‘reasons’) I haven’t seen the Bats feet but suspect they look the same as Falcons (suspicious? You tell me?)

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You are absolutely right, I forgot him… :joy:

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Meat Poverty — perpetually meat poor, often moments after collecting the days ham haul


EFG: Endless Food Glut (unless levelling 4 star troops)

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“Family” and “Realm” are missing


“Rare”, “Epic” and “Legendary” or at least “Rarity”

but I guess since it is no jargon, it is not mentioned here :slight_smile:


A player was asking about the term unfarmable items and I was going to reference this thread, but I see it’s not included.

Yer… it’s a bit behind.

The main page is now so long that it’s really cumbersome to edit on a phone.

But it is actually now a wiki, so I think anyone can edit it.

Feel free to give it a try.

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