The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

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Not sure by whom! I’m guessing @Kerridoc?


Took me a while until I realized AMA = Ask me anything. I think should be added.


Done. Well spotted @Scarecrow

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I still think of it as Against Medical Advice


What’s the ‘best’ thing you’ve seen against medical advice in your career? That’s clean enough to be added to the definition

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That would have to be an old country boy who got a fishing lure stuck through his hand between finger and thumb. Medical advice would be to go to urgent care or ED so it could be removed and properly cleaned out, and get a tetanus booster if needed. He showed up in my office 2 weeks later with his hand wrapped in duct tape. He had taken his fishing knife, rinsed it in the lake, cut out the hook himself, and taped it up with the duct tape he had in his boat so he didn’t have to stop fishing. He had continued to wrap it in duct tape for the next two weeks, until it got so swollen and sore that he couldn’t stand it.
Needless to say, he bought himself a hospital stay for IV antibiotics and surgical repair. He didn’t lose the hand though, and was back to fishing a couple weeks later


That’s some hard core fishing. Dedication to the cause :rofl::rofl:

@NPNKY I’ve now linked your anecdote into the definition :blush: thanks for sharing


That actually sounds halfway legit (I have used duct tape to patch up wounds). His mistake was using lake water to clean the knife and wound (lake water is nasty). Had he used high proof alcohol instead, it probably wouldn’t have gotten infected. :+1: :grin:

@petri @kerridoc @zephyr1

I don’t have an edit icon under the Fictionary post anymore??

I put an edit on last week…

Can ability to edit time out or reach a maximum count?


I can still edit this post :man_shrugging:t3:


It should be there, right? Am I just having a moment?

@JonahTheBard There’s been some recent change preventing editing posts more than 30 days old.

I’ve already asked the Small Giant Staff to look into fixing it.

In the meantime, I’ll make the first post a Wiki so you’ll be able to edit it.

The edit button will be different than usual:


Thanks man, prompt and effective, as always.


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@JonahTheBard can you try editing the top post again, please, using the normal method/button this time?

There’s a potential fix for the editing problem in place that I’d like to test.



Looks good to me, dude :+1:


Woohoo, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


The above user has dropped various links all over the forum in the last few hours. Seems a bit suspicious…

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Yep, I’ve seen it too. I posted at one topic, which was opened by him. I did’t flag it though, I wasn’t sure. I just expressed my doubts the advertising is allowed here.

If @jordanhamtheman08 is a legit fan who has done some YouTube content, that’s great - start a thread and post the link and we can all enjoy it.

But spamming off-topic threads is a breach of forum rules and, more importantly, makes me nervous :mask:


Aww, c’mon, nothing suspicious about that.

Like my previous alliance when someone whose username was something-something .com tried to join and I rejected them because I thought they were suspicious, and one of my co-leaders got mad at me for rejecting them and said I was just being paranoid.


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I keep seeing ^1.35. Some calculations then ^1.35. I have no idea what it means. The calculator has no such sign and I never learned at math something like this. What operation is this? And should be added in OP, Imo.

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