The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

I’ve never personally heard these terms in chat or on the boards. Citations?


From other MMOs. Yes, I am an old fogy ( Those young whipper snappers need to get off my base and stop doing seasonal summons all over the place. When I was in school we had Elemental summons, epic summons and daily, none of this fancy VIP Pass…)

Alternative jargon

Heavy= Stone Wall

Anchor = Mighty Glacier


You know what, I just give the fluff up. Gorram Google Only brings up Anchor’s Hero Guide and some anime called Heavy Unit.

So. What does your alliance call heroes that are not centers but not glass cannons?

Do Not Click Unless You Have Several Hours Free

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

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Cleanse - dispelling debuffs on self and/or allies

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@Tamicristi, this would be a good one to translate for the ally!!!

Okay silly question, but it bothers me not knowing. Why do people refer to ascension items for heroes as “mats”? If it is an acronym I could see “Minimum Ascension [?]” but still don’t get it.


@Drewrobi I moved your question to a thread where we can help answer it. :slight_smile:

“Mats” isn’t an acronym, but rather a (bit odd) abbreviation:


The game inventory system calls such items ‘Ascension Materials’ so the common usage abbreviates that term to ‘Mats’.

Nothing odd there. ‘Mats’ has been a common single syllable abbreviation for ‘materials’ across multiple online games for years.

Ok, just odd to me. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t played any other games that used it, so E&P was the first place I encountered it.

Actually these terms are not equivalent. I wonder what the kids are currently using for Heavy and Anchor.

Here is an example from team chat where Center, Stonewall and Mighty Glacier do not apply:

Found out all A.I. Damage is colorless - this means defense teams also - so I swapped out Glass Cannon sniper Guardian Jackal for Heavy sniper Joon as my defense team’s corner sniper. A fast mana speed heavy sniper with 6 turn accuracy debuff should annoy attackers.

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I tend to talk about being at “matwall” (when I can’t advance any further without getting the proper ascension materials). I assume I got it from somewhere here… Is this common enough to add?

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If clicking links and reading posts to learn what you’re interested in learning is that unpleasant for you, maybe forums aren’t for you. There are a number of line groups that give advice and answer questions too.

@Rigs is something of a clearinghouse for connecting people up with the line groups. Perhaps he can help you.


One I just came across is “proc”. No idea what it’s short for, but I gather it has something to do either with the new class abilities, or with preventing enemies from charging mana. Anyone able to explain it?


Proc - to trigger an effect or skill, commonly used in in RPG


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