The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)

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Folks, the Fictionary is now six seven months old. Thanks for all the support and great ideas.

Can you think of any more E&P jargon that should be included?

20 characters

the minimum length of a post is 20 characters (no problem for this behemoth). In order to bulk up a short reply, players literally add the phrase ‘20 characters’.

3*, 4*, 5*

rarity levels (Rare, Epic, Legendary) of heroes or, less often, AM or other items. A 5* hero at max ascension is an “80” (see below).

3*+15, 4*+19, etc.

a hero of the indicated rarity that has ascended up the Talent Grid by the number of nodes after the + sign.


a team of heroes of the same colour
i.e five colour stacked heroes.

60, 70, 80

shorthand for the ascension level of a hero. A legendary hero at full ascension is an 80. A 70 is either a completed epic hero or a legendary at third ascension. A 60 is a 70 one ascension lower. So that’s cleared that up…I think :thinking:

7DD/Seven Days Departed

a well known and highly successful alliance. The 7D brand has been widely expanded to include other alliances and a plethora of game resources. I’m not here to massage egos, but in the main they just seem like a bunch of friendly keen gamers. Other alliance brands, such as Mixed Nuts are also available.


the unique talent of a given Class, always the first node on the Talent Grid for the Class.


an alternative account
some players use an account on two different devices or accounts


ascension materials
the items used to ascend heroes, predominantly those not available from playing levels.


Area of Effect or Attacks on Everyone! A special attack that hits multiple enemies


A picture or figure representing a person in an online environment. Unless you’re M Night Shamalyan. Then it represents the death of your career.


Alliances Recruit chat channel


Alliance Wars
the portion of the game relating to team based combat. The matching system is… controversial?


the 4* hero Boldtusk. Beloved by all for his endurance and combined healing and buff special ability.


your hero roster, particularly heroes not included in your defence team


see Tank


  1. a hero ability that improves the abilities of other heroes
  2. a hero or item being permanently improved


Cheap to Play
players who invest a small amount in the game such as the VIP subscription or a few gem offers


every hero’s got class! Or, at least, a class. Class is preset for each hero, e.g. all Caedmons are Druids. Class determines which Emblems are required to advance the hero, and to which Talent Grid it has access.


heroes that are able to produced in the Training Camp i.e not HOTM or event heroes. But plenty of Friar tucks, oh yes


see wings


the trophies used to record success in raids and allow access to tiers of loot.

Cup Dropper

tactical pragmatists or a stain on human morality? Players who leave weak teams on defense in order to loose trophies. This enables them to then compete against weak teams and potentially complete wanted missions more easily.


a hero ability that reduces the abilities of other heroes


the Small Giant staff working on the game.often the targets of much disgruntlement, they recently gave everyone a shiny gold coin and are enjoying a period of relative player contentment.


removing buffs (positive effects) from the enemy


a chemical produced in the human body in response to stimuli such as success. Many games seek to harvest the addictive nature of dopamine by drip-feeding players with small successes. There is much debate (and occasional bloodshed) on the topics of gambling, regulation and addiction.


damage over time
special attack that causes attacks over several turns… like a toxic relationship…

Drop Rate

the percentage chance of an item being produced by a loot chest or level

Elo System

the ranking system used for raids and, in the future as of June 2018, wars Elo rating system - Wikipedia


empires and puzzles…the game to which this forum is devoted. If you are reading this but don’t play the game, please reconsider your life choices.


little blue buttons with a Class symbol. Used to ascend a max-ascension, max-special hero up the Talent Grid.


Fight or Free to play
players who spend little or no money and generally make slower progress but are perhaps a little less vexed if the game odds run against them for longer than expected.


replaying levels repeatedly to gain resources. Level 8/7 is widely known as the most farmed level.

Feed/feeder hero

using low ranked heroes to train high ranked heroes. Where do they go? And what does it do to their self esteem?


the two heroes either side of the central hero in a raid formation


used as a verb to flask : using an energy flask to allow players to attempt more attacks on a titan. Sometimes now referred to deliberately as ‘flashing’ due to the wonders of autocorrect.

Fire off

deploy a heroes special ability


  1. a unit of energy expended to play aspects of the game denoted by small images of coloured flags at the top of the base screen.
  2. to report and hide a post that may violate forum rules


term used for any microtransaction system that functions in a similar manner: You pay a small amount, and receive a random item
_See more here:

Ghost tiles

firing tiles into spaces devoid of enemy heroes or monsters. These tiles build your own heroes mana at a higher rate than tiles that strike enemies. So, who you gonna call…?

Glass Cannon

a hero with a strong attack but weak defence


the food resource of the game. ‘But it’s made in a windmill?!’ I hear you cry. Yes. And be glad that the sound effects of squealing piggies and grinding bones wasn’t incorporated into the program.


Heal over Time special effect, where the hero gains health each turn. Like a broken heart…


hero of the month
special edition heroes available for…a month.


Health Points or just Health. More is better, zero is death.


In Real Life
describing activities in the dull tawdry existence we endure between KILLING ALL THE TITANS!!


the items won by playing levels, titans and wars
another source of player angst due to suspicions that loot is being reduced


the power used to use a special ability. It is gained on attack by matching tiles and on defense by being hit by tiles. Defense also gains a small amount each turn. It is represented by a blue bar under the green health bar.

Mana Speed

the measure of how quickly a particular hero gains mana. Fast mana heroes will charge with fewer tile hits than slow mana heroes.


Ascension Mats…see also AM…if you’re lucky enough to get them


As a verb: to use extra alliance flags to help another alliance kill its Titan. As a noun: someone who mercs, often in lieu of being in an alliance.


NOT an over-marketed anthropomorphic yellow jelly bean. generic term for little helper sidekicks summoned by certain heroes’ specials. Named after the minions cast by Thoth-Amun, the first hero with such sidekicks.


a wave of monsters in a quest or story level


the delightful and exceptionally wise people tasked with policing the forum (@rook, is this what we agreed?)


a player without an alliance, particularly when in an Alliance Recruitment chat


reducing the effectiveness, productivity or abundance of an aspect of the game. Most controversially, reducing the power of heroes already in circulation. Apparently the term is derived from Ultima Online when players described weakened weapons as being like rubber Nerf bats. Every day is a school day.

Normal damage

damage not done by a special attack. On offense, it’s tile damage; on defense it’s the slash attack performed by the enemy. Or, you know, whatever is normal for a giant tree man, an armoured panda and a mermaid…


A message which is not relevant to a particular topic or forum. Posting off-topic messages may annoy people intensely, as they make it harder to follow the discussion properly.

One Shot

to kill a hero with one attack, or destroy a defense team in a war with one attack team


  1. original post
    used to refer to the original topic of a thread after it’s meandered into some convoluted twilight zone.
  2. over powered
    a game item that’s too strong. Search the forum for a thread about original Athena to read an OP about OP and tick that combo off your bucket list.


Play to Enjoy
a response to the tension between spending, pull rates, disappointment and angst
we should be having fun playing the game or having a hard think about life.


Pay to Win
players who spend real money to accelerate progress in the game. Without their hard earned cash, the game wouldn’t be viable. See F2P


summoning a hero. Often bought in batches of ten, known, logically, as a 10 Pull.


Player vs Player
the raid element of the game. E&P does not support true PvP as only one player is on online at the time of the match.

Rainbow Team

a team with one hero from each element. Isn’t that lovely.

Ram Sandwich

using two heroes with Ramming Pulveriser in a team, most often against titans.


Random Number Generator
programming that allows for items and heroes to be produced at random. A constant source of conspiracy theories.


Season 1 and Season 2
the two available maps. Season 1 is a kind of generic mishmash of Warcraft, LOTR and Tolkienesque Western fantasy tropes. Season 2 is Maoi meets Jurassic Park. Gandalf vs Velociraptors
what’s not to like?


Small Giant, the company that created Empires and Puzzles. Cursed and blessed in equal measure.


heroes with low defense and/or health


selecting heroes from the same element in order to gain an advantage against heroes of the corresponding weak element, usually targeted at the Tank.

Talent Grid

max-ascension, max-Special heroes have access to the Talent Grid. Using emblems for its Class, the hero gains power or abilities. A hero that has progressed n nodes up the grid is referred to as a “+n” hero, e.g. 5*+15 or Guinevere +20. If you see one of those, run away!


a hero selected for exceptional toughness and longevity that is used to take the central position of a team where the most damage is inflicted. Notable tanks include Boldtusk and Guinevere.


training camp
the building used to produce heroes. The top tier of TC, the TC20 is coverted for allowing the (occasional) training of five-star heroes. Note that the level referred to relates to the level of research completed at the camp. So a TC20 must not only be a building of level 20 but also have researched level 20. Got it? Good.


Too long; didn’t read.
For long threads less interesting than this riveting dictionary!


the two heroes furthest from the centre in a raid formation, also known as corners.

Zombie alliance

an alliance with few or no active members, particularly with inactive leaders. Sometimes joined by new players who are not aware of how to search for active alliances.

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