🍻 The Drunken Mob KAG 2020 is looking for ACTIVE, fun, positive players!

Strong, active, fun players looking for like minded players to grow our new alliance.

#Family, fishing, Trump and booze.:beers:

We have a simple war strategy that makes war day something to look forward to! Come join us on line http://line.me/ti/g/izj_dUYDhq for fun and entertaining conversation! :beers:cheers!

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Yikes, really rocking the political route there. November is going to be rough for you guys!


Great alliance name! I am looking for a new alliance and sounds like you are a perfect fit. Will join after war if you will have me!

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Come join our growing alliance! A great group of people that like to win and have fun.

Come join the fun!!!

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Great alliance with fun people who are full of great advice and conversation! Thanks again for letting me join!

A great group looking for new recruits, check us out!!

Come join us and help us knock off these titans.

Come join us!! 7 war wins in a row!!

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