The Dominion Wants You!

Dominion Soilders looking to fill its ranks with titan slayers!!
New to the these lands looking for a place to belong or a Merc looking for greener pastures, The Dominion wants you!
We are an a new alliance with a core of established vets from other alliances, looking to take down the big titans.
Low requirements but activity is a must, hitting titans a must, remember communication is key if activity is limited or missing titans.
We are a pretty low key easy going group, always willing to help out our alliance brethren, but titians and those that challenge us beware our swords that strike swift and perice deep!!

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Where do I sign in? :wink:

Go to alliances search for Dominion Soldiers

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Tired of gamma radiation? First got ya down!? Join Dominion Soldiers, for an Alpha alliance experience
Dominion Soldiers wants You!!

We are Dominion! If you want to be a part of an active Alliance then join us at Dominion Soldiers. Totally devoted to taking down Titans so we all can share in the best loot possible

Weeee’re Baaaack!!! The Dominion Soldiers needs you, few spots available. Join this alliance help us take down those titans.

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Dominion Soldiers are recruiting again! We’re an established, active and friendly alliance who hit 8* and 9* titans with regularity and have only lost one alliance war thus far.

Currently we’re seeking an experienced titan-slayer with a strong team and plenty of cups to round out the top end of our roster and help take us back into the top 500 and beyond.

Usual T&C’s apply: simply hit the titan and participate in wars and you avoid the kick-a-tron 3000!

Only one spot left - join Dominion Soldiers!

You’re in luck … two spots have just opened up on our roster! :+1:

If you’re an active and experienced player, search “Dominion Soldiers” and hit us up with a request - we’ll be happy to have you on board!

One spot remaining - avoid FOMO, join now! :slight_smile:

It’s that time again - one more spot on our roster is up for grabs. If you’re keen, drop by and say G’day :+1:

Due to recent departures, Dominion Soldiers have a few spots up for grabs.

We’re an active and friendly alliance, great team members here with no egos or bs to deal with. Currently taking down 7/8* titans with plans to return to the top 1000. That’s where you can help :slight_smile:

Search for Dominion Soldiers - drop and say g’day in if you’re interested!

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