The Dik Dik Machine Wants You- an Active Friendly Pack Member; Level 30 +

Hi. We have been a team for almost a year now. We are looking for members who want to be part of a cohesive supportive team that is upward bound. Currently waging war with strategy but no specific call outs and fighting nine and ten stars with collective support. You will enjoy being a Dik Dik

Level 30+. 40+ Fits well.

Come be a Dik Dik.


Great alliance! It’s my 2nd family now…
We are hitting 5 star titan.
Hurry!! Only one spot left

We are looking for one new motivated member. One last slot to fill. Come join us in a fun friendly but Titan killing and war waging environment. We work as a Team!!!

Granny’s Warriors is looking for members who have team enthusiasm and want to help each other kill Titans,wage war and learn and advance together. We love our group. Everyone is super helpful and friendly. Like Willow says. “Feels like family”.

Does one have to be a senior citizen to join??

No we are all ages. From little to big. Willow is he leader and hasn’t really divulged the source of the name. I know we have from 18 up. How about you ?

Hurry up! One spot left! Everyone is really active and friendly here!!

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We have two new spots for active players. Join us and let’s have fun!

Come join us. We want all people. Motivated to fight Titans, wage wars and learn the game in a friend.y environment.

Still need players??

We do, cruzCampo! Especially one with your name!
Join us

Still looking for new members strong or just getting started we want you. We want people who play like a team and fight Titans and wage war when level 12. Fun group. We win too.

We have one but still looking for a few more. Come join.

I enjoy this group! It’s a fun and energetic bunch of people. We win more than we lose. So if you are looking for an alliance where you can grow, come check us out. And if you are looking for an alliance that will appreciate your skills, no matter the level, we are here for you!

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We are team players. Looking for a few new members. We learn together. We kill Titans and we wage war. Everyone is active and willing to help each other learn. Come join our team. No minimum requirement, no trophy requirement but you must fight Titans.

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Join Granny’s Warriors. Stay to play and play to stay. We are looking for a friendly motivated player. We have an active fun chat and serious Titan hitting members. War is fun too if you are level 12 or higher.

We teach each other and work as a Team.

Would love to join… I’m an active player, looking for a good clan

William. Sorry we missed you but keep a look out and ask to join. We have accepted a member for our vacancy. But would love to have you in the future.


We are looking for one new member stay and play. Play to stay. We accept a range of players from beginners to experienced and we help each other learn in an active and friendly chat. If you like social chat we have a line group, as well that you can chat on

Love our alliance. A diverse group of players all ages, all locales. We want you.

Bump for the 1 spot left. Come quick. :slight_smile:

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