The Devs should give everyone free Ascension items in the Free Seasonal Event deals promo

If they did, more people would be able to ascend their heroes and therefore want newer heroes with more gems to spend.

And it shows a good gesture to the fans. I read with previous events they give out crappy items for free that arent worth anyrhing, but giving away something like a TOME that most people would need, would allow people to level up their current heroes and then wanting more.

I think it would be a nice gesture from the devs if they did this as i heard in previous times they give things like some arrows and mini potions

Well the calender has been the same as it was last year so here’s what you can expect

Offer 7 - Free
5 Hardwood Lumber + 1 Meteor Fragment + 1 Hero Token

Offer 14 - Free
1 World Energy Flask + 1 Raid Energy Flask + 1 Titan Energy Flask

I’m happy with the 3 flasks and EHT.

Edit: turns out the hero token was just a silver token so a little less happy


I came here specifically to ■■■■■ about this! These free rewards are a slap in the face!!! Especially to people who buy the offer EVERY DAY just to get some damn wood, a meteor fragment, and a daily summon coin at the end of the week! Talk about treating your supporters like ■■■■! This seriously has me so pissed off that they find this even remotely acceptable! The greed is just at a point where it’s more then I’m willing to accept! I played this game every damn day faithfully for a year and spent thousands of dollars and every chance they get they try to find a way to show you that money is all they care about! This needs to stop and now! Honestly, I don’t think a 4-star Ascension item is even enough after playing through season after season. You should get a 4-star Ascension item, at least one epic hero token to get an attempt at a seasonal event pull, and maybe something like a world energy refill. I say this as a bare minimum to show that they truly appreciate all the time and money people spend on this game. If this greed doesn’t stop I’m seriously done! There’s too many other games out there you can play. Rant over.




then they might have a skill to taunt the damage and reduce it to 1 :rofl::rofl:

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To me when a dev shows how greedy they are it makes me not want to spend any money at all and im starting to see how bad they are getting now after 5 months of playing this.

Little things like this show how bad they are getting. If they show some love to their player base, they will show love back 100%.


Yea thing is, that deal was same as last year and a lot of players that were here last year are still here. this deal didnt show anything new.

Sure their level of greed sucks, but it’s somethin we’ve all come to expect and it will only continue to grow

Alchemy lab did and hero academy will be even worse

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Golden token would have been nice. This freebie was disappointing.


No offense, but you are demanding free ascension materials, specifically 4*.

The same item they give for free every ten days in the rare quests? 36 times a year? :thinking:

I’d rather ask for something they don’t give as frequently. :slight_smile:


Yes, like that silver token is soooo rare lol :grin:
But i didn’t expect any better, at least the next freebie is decent.
Have fun.


Like a ferrari? Or a thanks for playing? Lol

Oh I’d ask for a gold EHT, personally. :wink:


I’m merely pointing out that we get 4* ascension materials a lot more frequently than the OP’s asking for. :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a Ferrari… :+1:

Oh wait…for me…better yet: an HOTM :grin:


The free rewards are kind of disappointing. But I suppose this is SG’s strategy. One philosophy is to make stuff rare (as in Grinding WoW stuff) the other easily accessible (microtransaction for cash, but also free daily gems, daily missioms or raid rank gems like SWGOH).

SG is trying to get the best of both worlds. It seems to be working (because they have a good and popular product, clearly). The question is how long it can last.

For all our complaining, as long as the game is healthy, their strategy is probably correct. I’d like some cool stuff (or at least a pity counter) too… but I still enjoy the game. So i will keep going.

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And yet people continue to spend crazy amounts every single month on the game. Until this changes free slaps all around!!! Lastest projections from zynga show $30 million per month for pixels.


Frankly the total crap freebies make me LESS likely to buy any of the other offers they have going. I mean I don’t buy much anyway but I’m not even tempted by the cheap deals.


But you see not everyone can get these high ascension items until their team is high enough. I only started to be able to get them 2 months ago, but before this my team wasnt strong enough.

And im not demanding anything, just saying the devs to this game are really greedy and ascension items arent that important to them because, the more people have, the more new heroes they want to get to ascend.

Just saying. And yeah a free epic hero token wouldnt hurt either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have read posts here about how greedy the devs are dating back to 2017.

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Every player went through the “not strong enough” phase

What it has to do with the topic, idk but i just thought I’d point it out

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