The devil wears nada! Join us!

Rare opening for TWO new devils to join us! Multi-country, English speaking alliance- Killing 10* titans. 100% participation in WAR with WIN rates of 75%!
The sky is our limit!! We are going to blast into the Top 200 anytime soon!

What are we looking for in you?
Active and chatty with Line ID. +2200 cups. 6 war teams min 4000- 3300HP. You’ll have a complex about titan escapes :see_no_evil: and :persevere:team mates leaving flags on the battlefield. :cold_face: :scream:

Leaders line ID:
BTC_BTC DarkkSlayer emmabtn sherbs1 Alex_the_third


Find a leader on Line or request to join in Game

Standard 9/10* Titan- SMASHED!


BTC ~ Hey all I lead the alliance. This is an awesome group! All of leadership is extremely active. We have a ton of helpful docs… everything from war material to event enemies on a level to level basis to greatest places to fill rare chests. Chat is entertaining and always buzzing. We have an organized war machine and awesome win percentage. If you want a fun home where you can continue to grow and be competitive you have to check us out. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Line me @btc-btc or any of my co-leads. We are very friendly. In game the alliance is open at 2400 cups but will look at those under that on a case by case basis. We are going places. Be part of it!

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Another rare slot opened for big active hitters who like to slash 10* titans! Anyone interested?

The devils is a friendly bunch who have 6 spots available for +3800 players!
Fun guaranteed alongside 10* titans and war hits of over 5k!!

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