***The Defiant Ones*** Currently Full

Are you active daily? Level 20 or higher and willing to hit all titans 3+ times? Looking for an active, helpful, fun and friendly alliance that’s growing stronger every day? Then look no further! The Defiant Ones is the place for you! We have 29 ACTIVE DAILY MEMBERS! War is optional, if you participate in war you must use all flags/hits. We also use the Line app (optional but recommended).

The Defiant Ones
Leader: Jack Skelington
1 spot open for an active daily player.
Must hit each titan.
Currently fighting a 7* titan.
War is optinal. Must use all hits.
Fun friendly and helpful.
Come join us!

This is a great place to grow your team and kill some titans. War is optional. Line app is optional. No trophy requirements to join us. Just be dedicated to hitting each titan.

Shameless bump bump bump bump LOL

1 spots open. Come join our friendly alliance.

We’ve had to do some minor housekeeping due to performance and activity issues, so we have a few spots available. Come check us out!!

We are working hard to stay an active group. Housecleaning is my least favorite thing to do but nevertheless it must be done lol We now have 5 spots for ACTIVE daily players that want to and will hit all titans. War is optional. We use the Line App which is also optional. Come check us out! And stay for a really long time! LOL

Come join the fun and kill some titans!

Now we have 1 available.

This is our titan at the moment!! Fun FUn FUN!!!

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Although line is an optional app, we love to take videos of our actions and share that with you guys. For example I have a mono red team I’m going to be using in about 10 minutes against this Titan. It’s going to be fun and I hope I do well against this Titan with one color. Come check us out and if you Like line great! but if you don’t that’s OK too. See you there.

We had a member to gracefully and thoughtfully leave our alliance, who was no longer able to play daily, so we could find another daily active member. She will be missed.

We had another member to leave. Most likely due to their first language not being English. We wish them well and welcome someone new.

Hey do you still have space? I need to join an active alliance. Currently at 2960 Team Power and 1537 crowns


Line ID: edmister35

I’m sorry @ekwon5 we are currently full as of 2hours ago. I was just coming to update the post. When a spot becomes available I will let you know and if you have a need for one at that time we will certainly be happy to have you join us! We definitely stay active in our alliance. I can add you on Line if you would like me to and notify you when an opening is available.

@ekwon5 We have a spot open if you are still looking for an alliance.

We have 1 spot available! Search The Defiant Ones and join us. Our alliance is open, no invite needed. Hope to meet you soon new member!

We are full again! Woohoo!

Unfortunately one of our members decided to no long play the game. We wish them well! We are now looking to add a new member.

1 spot open come to your new home! We are currently battling an 8* rare Alpha Gryphon. Come on we’re waiting for you to join the fun!

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