The Darth Side seeks fun & active players (3000+ power)

The Darth Side is looking to fill four spots.

  • We are a chatty bunch, sarcastic and snarky yet fun-loving.
  • Lot of nerds here… Star Wars and Lord of the Rings fans abound.
  • Mostly based in the US, though we have members in several far flung countries.
  • We are at the level of downing 8-star titans. We’ve seen 9-stars but haven’t been able to kill them. Due to our recent losses we’re having trouble stringing enough 8-star kills to see the 9-stars.
  • A majority of us are power levels 3000 to 3600, figure that’s the range of new member we seek.
  • We love wars… not to thrilled about the matchup changes that hit us the past month, but anything close we’ve been all over. Had some really good fights recently against alliances with better defenses than us.
  • We want people who will be active hitting the titan, active in war, and active in chat.

We do like playing the bad guys.

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Updated (lost another to spending burnout :frowning: ).

Hope you guys don’t keep losing people like that Ozz…

Potentially interested… Currently in Aversion, which used to be Big Fish… mostly f2p and still building team depth and game skill…

Heh, welcome to the newest member… Darth Salmon!

Still have open spaces for more to join.

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