The dark and messed up lore of training camps (fanfiction)

When you think about it, the training camps are by far the most messed up, brutal/ruthless and cold hearted place for any recruit to train. Those poor recruits not knowing anything before joining the empire.

TC 8
Imagine you, an aspiring recruit wanting to contribute to your country so you joined the empire. You’re one of the five recruits being assigned to the dark training camp. Once you enter the training grounds, the trainers lock you in a dark room and tell you that only one can survive this training. To do that you’ll have to kill to survive. You do that, killing you comrades one by one and ending up being the last one standing. Crying and traumatized, the trainer comes in. He claps and congratulates you, you’re the victor, he said. But there’s one more thing you have to do to be accepted into the hero ranks. The trainer kills you and using dark magic, resurrects you. You become slithus, only to be sacrificed for a hero stronger than you.

TC 20
You, a guy named John have to fight and kill 99 other recruits to be the last man standing. Congratulations, the trainer said, reviewing your performance. But it is underwhelming. So under the assignment, you have been given a three star rarity and you shall change your name and gender to dawa. Only to be sacrificed to someone stronger than you

HA 10
You had successfully done the trainings and you’re the top scorer of your platoon, you’re cold blooded and shed no tears for your other 99 dead comrades. An exceptional performance and review has given you a high ranking of 5* and you have to change your name from John to Richard. It could be worse, your male parts could have been gone.
But to your surprise on your first day as Richard, another Richard; seasoned with white hair, half naked and carrying an axe was there already fighting in the front lines. You’re the weaker Richard, young and green. So you’re placed in the dark like the other 5*s. You’re mad with rage, after all you fought tooth and nail to the top only to not be used or considered. But the trainers tell you to suck it up, you’re a five star anyways, that’s an achievement.
For months and years you’re placed in the dark, hating and feuding every moment. Not even used once in war or taverns. You wished you were dead back then in TC 20.
One day you were chosen out of the blue. Retraining, they said. But retrain as what, you asked. Magic, they replied. They tell you to forget about your hammer for it’s useless now. And they gave you in the room 300 more recruits as a refresher course. That’s more like it, as you kill those useless recruits
For the next 7 days, you just murder the 300 recruits and learnt the proper magic the trainers wanted you to. The trainers told you you’re ready. But there’s one more thing they have to do. Before you knew what was happening, they strapped you down to a operating table. A scissors comes snip. Say goodbye to your past life, he whispered as you passed out. You woke up as a woman. The deed has been done and you have been assigned the name vivica.
Ashamed, you join the queue behind the seven other vivicas in front of you waiting to be retrained. For the next many months and years, you become many things. Living as both man and woman, living and dead. The lower part of your body violated again and again: Elkanen, Sartana, Elena, Thoth amun, Thorne. The cycle is vicious.

Training camps are so messed up…



And here I thought recruits/feeders were simply boiled alive and eaten. I didn’t understand how wrong I was.

I salute you.


nicely done. now I will always have a twinge of guilt whenever I feed a feeder away…

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