The Damascus blade

Is there a Specific event where this is obtainable? Is it as rare for everyone as it seems to be for me? And finally, has anyone ever got one from loot or is it predominantly an event find?

In 20 days should be a rare quest with the Damascus blade and a compas.
Regarding drop two days ago I had one from Titan 8* - loot A. Also, my wife got recently one from viewing video

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I’ve got 1 in about 7 months of playing. Just wondered if it was my luck or if they’re really just that rare.

Every 10 days one of the rare quest is. Together is 7 of them. So, it seems that you missed few blades just from the quests

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I personally think it is an outrage that there are not more Damascus blades available, I have 10 5* heroes stuck due to no Damascus blades, all the rest appears regulary except the blades.

Every ten days, don"t make me pmsl buddy, I play every day, every event, every day I get the daily summon, no damasus blades there.

I got 1 in a diamond raid chest the other day. Up to 8 D blades and 8 Tomes and nothing to do with them right now…

Just had a look on the special events there are 19 different listed and only 2 have the damascus blade, says enough not?

same problem with tomes

Every ten days there is a quest for ONE 4* item. And there are 6 or 7 of them so it means, the Damascus Blade’s event is once every 60/70 days

For others looking at this thread, this is an excellent reference on the Rare Quests, of which one of the two versions of Farholme Pass offers a guaranteed Damascus Blade for beating the last stage:

These cycle on a roughly 10 day interval between each, which is the “10 days” several people have referred to in this thread.