The damage to enemy heroes/team is not as it should be after the last update

While playing after the last update I basically do no damage. While using Marjana’s (4-63) special hit, hitting Amontooth with his minion and i didn’t even kill the minion while the Marjana (4-80) in the opponents defense team just needed 1 hit to kill my Marjana. Stacking Kiril, Grimm and Richard, and hitting a hero with a Delilah minion with 6 blue tiles and not even get the health of the minion down by 50%!? I hit a 3-60 Hu Tao with my Sartana’s (3-70) special and didn’t even make 200 damage, then the enemy Hu Tao had its special and made over 350 damage to each of my heroes… And these are just a few examples of what has been screwing up in the game play since the last update.

First thing first, were there any buffs/debuffs involved in These cases?

Then, best course of action would be to try and capture these incidents on video or screenshot and send a bug report with those attached.

I haven’t picked up on any thing like this happening.

Mostly no buffs/debuffs more than I might have had Kiril’s or Boldtusk’s special active a few times but absolutely no Wu, he has been banned from my teams as he usually gives me a 80-100% miss rate when his special is active…
I talked about this in my alliance and there are others who have experienced the same thing, that their hits basically don’t do any damage in some games. And we are talking about both people using color stacking and people using rainbow teams experience the same thing.

Ok, sounds like a bug. Now what we need is the visual evidence in a form of a video/screenshot. To make it easier to identify the cause.

This is what i was saying to support as well. If the enemy has the same hero as i he makes more damage on my heroes. If i want to kill his hero i have to hit him with 3 heroes special to dye. He hits once and i am dad

Well the defense does deal 20% more damage by default. Also troops might cause some difference.

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