The damage of Kageburado were not as high as thought

Kageburado+7 was unable to kill KunChen+7 immediately when KunChen had 1340 HP left and with -54% dark defense debuffs.

But Lianna+0 can (just KunChen with -54% Nature defense debuff).

Why? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I don’t believe you. Kunchen resists normal defense reduction, only you can apply on hin elemental defense reduction.

I had Reedited. :grinning:

Because Kage doesn’t hit for 1340 even with a elemental defense debuff against kunchen.

Deal with it. :smiley:

He said -54% dark defense debuff, which is Panthers debuff.

lol but watch the edition

pretty sure 510% >> 450%

Don’t forget dark is weak vs dark.

I use Panther Kage combos for most raids but vs kunchen and Guin tanks, I also take Victor.

Key to beat kunchen isn’t kages attack. It’s a slower attrition of immediately counter his defense down buff or take a holy stack that’s strong vs kunchen.

Specials do not carry an element type when it comes to strong/weak determinations. All are neutral to all, but they do carry an element type only when referring to -ele def down

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