The Curse of Gunnar

Every costume event… Gunnar (currently at x9)

Last TC20… Gunnar

Tavern of Legends… Gunnar

Sand Empire… Please, please, please NOT GUNNAR !

Anyone else having the same Hero turning up everywhere time and time again?


It comes in waves for me… Not just with 3*, but also with 4*… As if RNG is stuck at some point and wherever I pull I get the similar set of heros. I’ve got many Sonya’s costumes - as if there’s no other epic heros around… And then it changes to something else after a while… :man_shrugging:t2:

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As of now, everytime I got 5* nature, it is Elkanen.

In total, I have five 5* nature, all of them Elkanen.


For me it is Azlar, I think I had 8 Azlar and I fed 3 away

As for the OP their Gunnar is my Friar Tuck or Graymane


My “Gunnar” is Kiril
I have 3 (2 maxed) and I already eat around 25 of them

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Mine is Tyrum, especially costume chamber. Since the first appearance of 3 tyrum back to back, i count them and currently has 9 tyrum costumes (and some I’ve been fed away). I mean if RNG want give me 3s costume, why not balthasar, Belith, or friar. Huh.

renfeld, renfeld, renfeld…

I got 6 Kiril (4 from TC20) within a month or so!
That may sound so much better - but I’m really enough with 2.

On 3* it seems greymane and prisca like me the most…

I think I got 4 Melendor before getting rainbow 4* team as a F2P around 2.5 years ago. That was a really slow point for me in the game.

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Sad to see this be your last post, because everyone knows if you say his name three times he shows up to kill you.


I pulled Prisca’s costume and was happy because I like the art. I mentioned that to my alliance. After pulling Hawkmoon’s costume next, I pulled Prisca again on my next three summons (including another costume). My alliance told me I should compliment certain heroes again before my next pull.


Tried that with Belith :smile:

Didn’t work :sob:

(Her new talent is interesting too, immunity)

Yes, another beautiful card. I prefer her original look, and she was my first healer. I still struggle feeding her when I pull her now. Memories…

Mine was Dawa until about a month ago. Since then it’s bounced back and forth between Renfeld and Valen.

Renfeld stopped coming my way after I fed a maxed one, now it is either Tyrum or Kelile, last costume portal I earnestly wanted Renfeld…now that his costume is cool.

Maybe I should sacrifice a 3/60 Kelile or a maxed one? :shushing_face:

I thought about maxing Renfeld, but I already have Prisca-C, Balthazar, and Bjorn all at +3, along with Valen at +3, so every time I get either Ren or Valen they become :hamburger: :grin:

For me at 3 star it’s Karil, Karil, Karil
The last one was from a costume event. So I got him to max in costume and he now sits in my blue 3 star mono team.
He does ok to be honest

For me it’s 9x sartana


Wow @ERROR4, that is a whole lot of Sartana :flushed:

I keep getting Skittleskull, over and over and over again. Regular AND costume, it just won’t stop.

You’d think the game would figure out that I keep feeding Skittles to my other green heroes, and stop giving me Skittles, but… there you have it.

I have ZERO Skittles on my roster right now. I hate Skittles. Immediately fed away to whoever I’m working on in green, each and every time. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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